ONCE AGAIN: Donald Trump will not build a wall between Mexico and the U.S.

Donald Trump will not build a wall between Mexico and the United States. Just the opposite. In case you didn’t know, the three nations of Canada, Mexico and the United States met in Waco, Texas on 23, March 2005. The three nations above have decided to integrate North America with a perimeter fence covering all three nations (electronic devises, human patrols, vision, etc.).

The three leaders of North America have already completed a large part around North America and when finished, the citizens will eventually be able to travel or live anywhere on the continent. A finished perimeter means that Mexicans can live and work anywhere on the continent.

630-BorderFor Mexicans it means that they will get a better wage from that of Mexico. And for Americans, it means that workers will continue to have their wages continue to drop. Eventually the CEOs of the world will see their workers global average wages be constantly low for all workers. The CEOs (in charge) will be living the live of kings where ever they go. That’s what it was all about. NOTE: This typical traffic jamb can be seen at all crossovers into the United States from Mexico.

Note that the auto workers have seen their wages and benefits drop drastically. American workers wages have dropped down from $28 per hour to $15 per hour to build cars in a couple of years. Now their wages could be dropped to any wages you can guess, but not up.

whiteracistbacktoeurope_001Now Mexican auto workers have seen their wages go up by 50 cents an hour to $4.00 per hour with a small rise in benefits. What will happen to auto workers in the U.S. when Mexican auto workers “reconquer their native lands”. When that happens, Spanish will be the language from the Mississippi River to California-and in other areas of the east, such as Florida. (Yes. Mexicans do not like you a whole lot. But give them some time.)

irving4_100853aDo you see any good news for American workers, when even more immigrants globally continue to pile in our nation and you can’t find any good jobs now? And now, if you decide to give your “leaders” a good tongue thrashing, and he decides to have you arrested for what you said to our “leaders”, the government can arrest you for your speech. That citizen could receive a penalty of 3 years in prison for his speech. Yes. That is true. It is happening now, in the EU and soon across the US-EU. And since we will then be under the laws of the US-EU International laws, we will then be under these rules also.

The professor above was punished for his speech in Austria and was convicted for 3 years for his speech. “After a one-day trial in a Vienna court, British Historian David Irving was given a three-year prison sentence for ‘the crime of Holocaust denial.'” When the sentence was imposed, the Austrian prosecutor appealed because he thought “the ruling was too lenient in light of a possible sentence of up to ten years and Irving’s special importance to right wing radicals…”( Guardian, Feb. 21, 2006)

Free speech doesn’t exist in the European Union. Killers in the U.S. can get less time than that and all Irving said was that the Holocaust never happened. A few words that were incorrect but otherwise harmless. The point is he was given hard time in prison for his speech. If this were the law in the United States, we would need enough prisons to lock up just about everybody.

Absolutely. The first and second amendments will be abolished. It will happen before 2020. You will have no choice. If you say anything against anyone, or an official, it can get you up to 3 years in prison (or more).

Read this article and know that we will be under these loony US-EU laws and they can put you in prison for 10 years in prison for your speech.

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