The Crimes of Bush and Cheney Live On

rumsfeld-bush-cheney31-320x239-300x224I got caught up in this New World Order from President George W. Bush when I became amazed at the horrific crimes that the president had committed against, including men, women, children, soldiers, and nations just to get “fame”  as a president.

iraq-war-dead-child-274x300 His goal was to become a president as a commander-in-chief. That was the reason Bush wanted to invade Iraq. Without any cause. His partner Vice President Cheney wanted to receive the base contracts for Iraq. Bush got his goal of invading Iraq (without cause), and Cheney got the base contracts for Iraq. When the war was over, Vice President Cheney got his reward, over 39 billion dollars. This war was made up by Bush and Cheney. Men, women and children  are still suffering from these two evil humans.

362_bush_eveningspeechI became part of this when I discovered at the evil, horrific crimes that Bush and Cheney committed. President Bush got involved when I wrote some articles about the crimes against Bush and Cheney. President Bush asked the CEO of google to delete my articles.

I had been writing an article against President Bush and his crimes, so the first  CEO asked some techs to delete my articles while I was reading it in my computer. I yelled out, not knowing that some techs were in the same computer with me and in the process of hearing the spies deleting my articles. They replaced the damage and left.

I heard the techs. They yelled something, replaced the articles and left. So the crime was a failure.

In the second incursion of President Bush, former Bush asked the second CEO to again delete more articles on the crimes against Bush and Cheney. The second attack came in the second part of the term of George Bush. This time with the second CEO, Bush asked again to delete this and more articles (this was a crime, again), but this time their lawyer, first, shot my website down and isolated my website,

I waited, the only website in isolation on earth, for a while, I hoped. Some way, in a week or two, my site was refreshed and working again. My articles were read over by their CEOs lawyer and the lawyer said that my articles were valid and legal. (I guessed they were, since no one spoke to me but my website sprung alive. I could write again. And I’m still going strong.)

And, over 8 years, President Bush had failed to, once again, have my articles destroyed by President Bush. Doesn’t that mean that my articles on Bush and Cheney are valid, right?

Shouldn’t President Bush and Vice President Cheney be charged for Crimes Against Humanity?

I’m sure that the judicial system is working on that now.




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