Any Human can know clearly now that the End time for Earth is here.

florida-sea-level-rise-5-meters-17-feetIt is absolutely clear that those who claim to be knowledgeable of the earth should know that our time on earth is at hand by the evidence that is now being giving to any person who can see and understand it. But the only thinking people on earth are those who seek wealth. And they only care for the moment. Apparently, their time line is only that schedule is how much wealth they can amass before they die. The future is of no concern.

And I predict that our home will essentially become a planet in distress and beyond repair-long before 1999. It will remain a world without care, and humanity will mean nothing to people-because there will be no answer.

Earth will quite likely sink during this period when the ocean will rise up to flood level or much higher than the ocean had been due to climate change and many people will need to move inland and higher up in places. And this situation will become the way to live. Florida will look for other homes far away. Your residence will be wherever you can find one, if you can find a decent place to live in a world becoming desperate where the heat will become so bad that the death toll globally will continue to only rise dramatically.

The experts once were satisfied if the world could just have a climb of only 2 degrees globally but it appears that no one is even considering that level, and, of course, it appears that one is thinking of stopping, or even of trying it . The BEST SCIENTISTS have stopped any effort a year or so ago to stop the ocean’s rise ( No support or plan).  The best scientists decided to spend more time with their families. They now understand that planet earth is in dire situation. Even scientists, who were starting to study and classify the loss of creatures and plants that are now becoming extinct, realize that their efforts will be in vain and that planet earth will become a disaster zone.

arctic-blog480NOTE THIS: There are now no significant efforts of any kind on planet earth to stop the climbing heat globally. Yes. There are no efforts anywhere on earth to stop the climate change, nor the large death tolls that the climbing heat will beginning to effect on earth’s atmosphere, .

Arctic icebergThe Arctic Ocean is predicted to become ice free over the next year (2016-17), and when the times that the Arctic Ocean becomes clear of ice, large numbers of CO2 and Methane will emit large numbers of these CO2s and methane. These CO2 and Methane gases will cause the earth and atmosphere to become much hotter. The climate and temperatures will also become much hotter on earth, and the death toll globally will become much higher. And the temperatures will continue to rise. (These CO2 and Methane gases can be seen emitting into the atmosphere over the water.)

The death toll around the planet will be much higher and cause the earth’s atmosphere to continue to cause damage to the whole planet, on humans, creatures in the ocean, on the land and in the atmosphere. That much rise in planet earth’s temperature will cause a large, continuing death toll for planet earth and all other creatures.

“The experience of a relatively easy 500 years of expansion and colonization, the constant taking over of new lands, led to the modern capitalist myth that you can expand forever, Wright said, “It is an absurd myth. We live on this planet. We can’t leave it and go somewhere else. We have to bring our economies and demands on nature within natural limits, but we have had a 500-year run where Europeans, Euro-Americans and other colonists have overrun the world and taken it over.

border_deesThis 500-year run made it not only seem easy but normal. We believe things will always get bigger and better. We have to understand that this long period of expansion and prosperity was an anomaly. It has rarely happened in history and will never happen again. We have to readjust our entire civilization to live in a finite world. But we are not doing it, because we are carrying far too much baggage, too many mythical versions of deliberately distorted history and a deeply ingrained feeling that what being modern is all about is having more. This is what anthropologists call ideological pathology, a self-destructive belief that causes societies to crash and burn. These societies go on doing things that are really stupid because they can’t change their way of thinking. And that is where we are.” (Chris Hedges)

800px-Trafficjamdelhi-300x225“We all have the same, basic psychological hard wiring,”Wright said. “It makes us bad at long-range planning and leads us to irrational delusions when faced with a serious threat. Look at the extreme right’s belief that if government got out of the way, the lost paradise of the 1950s would return. Look at the way we are letting oil and gas exploration rip when we know that expanding the carbon economy is suicidal for our children and grandchildren. The results can already be felt. When it gets to the point where large parts of the Earth experience crop failure at the same time we will have mass starvation and a breakdown in order. That is what lies ahead if we do not deal with climate change.”

(The Myth of Human Progress, by Chris Hedges,

Remember that the earth will have 2.4 billion more people on earth by 2050. The only people busy on our planet are the CEOs working hard to acquire as much wealth as possible. The leaders of our world and our salesmen don’t seem to understand that their paper money will soon be worthless. Especially, when everyone dies.

By the way. Who do you think will win the contest for the most wealthy person on earth?

FOLKS: This scenario is real. Everyone on earth will die. And it appears, much quicker than expected.

End of story. Your paper money won’t help you anymore as time is on track for a breakdown. Earth will just become another trashed planet.






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