PLANET EARTH: When the Earth runs out of everything.

110908-tex-heat-hmed-11a(March 22, 2012) The Office 0f the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), states that :…within the next 10 years, shortages, poor water quality, floods -will likely increase the risk of instability, exacerbate regional tensions, and distract countries from working with the United States on important policy objectives…”

Folks. Much of what you want to eat and to live, will become scarce or gone. And life will no longer be available. That includes water for all of your drinking, washing clothes, cooking, keeping your plants and flowers healthy. And the food that you find so easily at your grocery store, you will soon find that it may be longer to obtain food, or find any at all in your neighborhood.

Scientists have been noting that by the year 2050, life in that time will be difficult to live. When humans produce massive numbers of people in one place, the earth, then there will be large amounts of shortages of food and water, and good places to live. And there is no plan that will save the earth from food shortages or water, nor pleasant atmosphere to breathe, nor a safe neighborhood when the earth is already overcrowded for safe places to live.

“Between now and 2040, global demand for fresh water will also increase but the supply of fresh water will not keep pace with demand, absent more effective management of water resources. A major international study finds that annual global water requirements will reach 6,900 billion cubic meters (bcm) in 2030, 40 percent above current sustainable water supplies. Climate change will cause water shortages in many areas of the world.”

This shortage of global water is a threat to our nation. This threat to America will affect our nation and to the world. It will affect us as soon as the climate turns to the dry future that experts have forecast for this century. The future of the United States has been predicted for the rest of this century. But, so far, no planning has taken place, just a large increase of humans, heading around 2.4 more billion people for planet earth by 2050, more water that we don’t have, more food that we won’t have, more shelter that won’t be there.

And there will not be the water that would be needed for the vegetables, grains, fruit, etc. Of course it means that there will not be the water for the animals such as cattle, chickens, humans and for many other uses.

Arctic icebergIce and snow across the western U.S. and Canada will continue the melting of glaciers and mountains. And the Arctic Ocean is predicted to melt for the first time by 2016 to 2017.  That will cause even more water to bring about a warming from methane and CO2. The climate will become more heated. There will be more threats as the temperatures will increase. Deaths globally will increase. NOTE: The climate experts have given up because those with the money and resources have decided to work on accumulating their wealth.  There are no any efforts being made to stop the continuing of melting of the ice from the Arctic, the mountains, and glaciers.

“In the course of the century, water supplies stored in glaciers and snow cover are projected to decline, reducing water availability in regions by melt water from major mountain ranges. According to the IPCC, semi-arid and arid areas are particularly exposed to the impacts of climate change on water resources. Many of these areas (e.g., Mediterranean Basin, western United States, southern Africa, northeast Brazil and eastern and eastern Australia) almost certainly will suffer a decrease in water resources due to climate change. (p.1)”

2_23_032706_immigration1Population increase is the major problem for America. We don’t need more people, we need less . The only reason we “need” more people is to pay for social security and other programs for retirees. But adding more people with no end in sight is foolish. We need to stabilize our numbers or we will end in a third world disaster- hundreds of millions of unemployed, with out enough water, food, or oil. (NOTE: Mexicans living in the United States constantly show Americans that they claim the United States as the real citizens of North America.)

While the world population continues to grow past 9 billion by 2050, the United States policy toward the third world is “come on in”. Acquiring a third world labor force has been the goal of corporate CEOs for decades and now Obama is trying to make George W. Bush’s dream of this “new America” a reality by replacing American workers with those from Mexico.

24peso_4_650cThe population of America will grow by 72 million in another 25 years and no one in authority has even mentioned stopping this runaway population growth. Most of the new inhabitants will be Mexicans and most of those will be from new births (U.S. Census 2008). It’s part of the plan to replace Americans with cheap labor, primarily from Mexico. Yes. The new labor force for America will be a Mexican labor force to work for the CEOs replacing American workers. The plan can be found in the “North American Community” where Mexican labor can “live and work” in the United States. Mexicans can then now replace Americans across the United States and in Canada. (pages 25-27)

“Move to full labor mobility between Canada and the United States….Canada and the United States should consider eliminating all remainder barriers to the ability of their citizens to live and work in the other country. This free flow of of people would offer an important advantage to employers in both countries by giving them rapid access to a larger pool of skilled labor, and would enhance the well-being of individuals in both countries by enabling them to move quickly to where their skills are needed.

In the long term, the two countries should work to extend this policy to Mexico as well, though doing so will not be practical until wage differentials between Mexico and its two North American neighbors have diminished considerably.”  (It appears that American wages will drop when Mexican workers cause wages to drop significantly.)

A World Without Water.


Will The World Ever Run Out Of Water?


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