What will you do when they come for your guns?

You should know that the day is approaching when all weapons in the United States will be confiscated, along with all ammunitions from American citizens. The time for confiscation of guns started when George W. Bush tried to get congress to pass a bill to seize all guns and bullets but it still remains in the hands of American citizens.

But the pressure is beginning to rise from some citizens (Bush, Obama, Hillary Clinton, more,) to pass a bill to seize all guns and ammo from American citizens, leaving Americans without any protection against their homes and family. That will surely cause the bad guys to feel free to invade their homes. And home owners can be sure that every home will be an easy target.

JordanPaulderI am sure that must citizens of the United States have no idea that when all guns are collected, there will not be enough police protection to adequately monitor their areas. The threat will be much higher for your children, the wife, senior citizens, those invalids who must remain in bed.

(Jordan Paulder, above, was playing in his front year when the drunk, spanish-speaking foreigner, got out of his car and stuck his axe in the head of the young boy. The boy was only telling the drunk that his tire was almost flat. Meanwhile , the young boy died quietly. ) A police officer killed the drunk when the man refused to stop his hostile actions.)

Another fine Mexican from Mexico…Jose Luis Aguilar, 36, a suspended illegal alien, has been arrested and charged with first-degree manslaughter in the brutal death of 9-month-old. Serenity Reedy of Richland, WA.

An autopsy of Baby Reedy indicated the infant was sexually assaulted as well as having multiple skull fractures, indicating the child was viciously beaten to death.

Aguilar is currently being held without bail. Find these illegals who have killed across the United States.

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These blocks will start to increase from those who do not want you to see information from your government.

Folks. Take a long look at all of the fine citizens that Mexico is sending to America. Perhaps this new elected president, Trump or Hillary Clinton, can welcome the new president and improve on the last president, George (9/11) W. Bush, and Barack Obama. Well. So far both presidents have been despicable, (finally destroying what was the best hope for the world).

However, the next president will most likely become part of just a piece of what America used to be.  America will not last by 2050. The worst of the world will bring with it, the seeds of its final destruction.

My prediction for the United States is simple. America will no longer exist and as such, all former American citizens will have their Biometric ID cards. Canada and the United States will have their card later- and the 32 remaining nations of the Western Hemisphere already have their ID cards.

Miami-Skyline-300x225The capital will be in Miami, Florida. There will be no loyalty to anyone. (31 nations have completed their ID cards (one in progress-Mexico). However, Canada and the U.S. have not yet started their ID cards.)

10387564_757847177598637_512039456068847013_nThere will be no more hope for the world. It will no longer exist.  Instead, control governance is in the current plans by trained military units, currently being trained from most troops from USSOUTHCOM, SOUTH AMERICA.  These troops from the south can be trained and utilized for military options. These troops will come from South America, USSOUTHCOM (Miami, Florida).

size0-300x198USNORTHCOM will control North America from Peterson AFB, Colorado. Currently, military forces from Canada, Mexico and the United States are training with these three armed forces in order to control North America.

0III0I1213963457Bases at Ft. Bragg, Camp Bullard and other bases in the United States will train soldiers from there. All three armies are training for action and are now using the same ammunition. Troops from all three nations are also now training to use military force in North America. Other bases are being used by other foreign forces from USNORTHCOM.

Civil_Assistance_Plan_14feb08_small-300x200See the photo of military commanders from Canada and the United States (2007). They have just agreed for Canada’s military leader, if he decides the threat is real, then he can invade the United States.

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