Planet Earth Beyond Repair

1224256787256_1All things must end and so will end the United States. Those who are the movers and doers are now planning their moves. Of course, all of this shaken and moving will only help for a while, here, and there, but in the end, the earth, could become a broken planet. Scientists predict that the temperatures will continue, up.

Right now, the US NAVY has predicted that the Arctic  Ocean ice will be gone, somewhere between 2016 and 2018. However, it will return again. Then it will return. Releasing more CO2.

A problem is that this Arctic ice will disappear and melt again. Each time, the melting will continue, allowing the ocean to cause the Arctic Ocean to release a huge amount of heat, causing the earth to become hotter. It will also cause CO2 to melt more ice.

And possibly all the people will witness those who are still alive and the atmosphere burns your lungs as it spits out your vile. You look everywhere and there is no shelter, either inside or outside. The only shelter is where ever you can find it, but it lasts for short times. No one has a plan.

635779203048522986-AP-VANISHING-ICEAnd every day the planet brings  more people (over 2 billion by 2050). Over 2 billion more people to eat more food, drink more water, find shelter, pollute the world. And the people keep going, all the way to 2100. But many citizens won’t make it too far.

Even now. The only shelter is for short periods of time. And finally, the only last planet, will be the last. Photo: a Polar bear stuck on a melting ice flow.

For your information. The top scientists have stopped their efforts and their activities. and so have the others. There is no plan. They decided to stay with their families as long as they could. Yes. And it will only continue since over 2.4 billion more people will have been born by 2050. Yes. The Arctic Ocean will melt and that will cause an immense rise in water level, etc. Yes. the temperature will go up again. If you are around at 2050. The  earth will get even hotter. And the death rate will explode.


These scientists said they don’t have a plan at all to save the earth- because they know that the governments, the civilians , and that experts, have even stopped activity. Scientists have decided to spend more time with their families because no one has a plan to save earth. None at all. The earth’s temperature will rise. Many will die.

And there is no plan to stop it.

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