BObamaPresident Bush and later, President Obama tried to get Congress to agree to merge with the EU (European Union) in order to have one judicial system. However, many congressmen turned that offer down, after seeing how idiotic the European legal system works-a better term is comical or horrific-or both.

Sharia-Law-41484735689-300x226Lars Hedegaard, the president of the Danish Free Press Society was charged with “racism” for critical comments he made about Islam, and faces up to two years in prison, just for comments about Islam. As a result these “legal” actions have been used by Muslims in order to divert crimes against Muslims who rape girls. Muhammad initiated the rite, or “religion,” that men do as a religious act (not really). Muhammad just enjoyed it and decided that was a nice custom. Thus Muhammad made rape a part of Islam. And Muslims want Sharia law to replace Islam. And, will Americans become part of Islamic law and also be part of the legal system of Sharia.

The trial also exemplifies the increasing use of lawfare: the malicious use of European courts to silence criticism of Islam. Of course, the United States would become just another part of the EU-US circus, charging citizens for crimes that no one has committed.

article-1353787-0d0b76b3000005dc-430_634x375“Instead, the Danish public prosecutor’s office says Hedegaard is guilty of violating Article 266b of the Danish penal code, which states: “Whoever publicly or with the intent of dissemination issues a pronouncement or other communication by which a group of persons are threatened, insulted or denigrated due to their race, skin colour, national or ethic origin, religion or sexual orientation is liable to a fine or incarceration for up to two years.”

Of course, the muddled up leaders in the US courts will be easy picking for America when the EU-US integrate.

In January 2009, Susanne Winter, an Austrian politician and Member of Parliament, was convicted for the “crime” of saying that “in today’s system” the Islamic Prophet Muhammad would be considered a “child molester,”referring to his marriage at the age of 56 to a six-year-old girl. Winter was also convicted of “incitement” for saying that Austria faces an “Islamic immigration tsunami.” Winters was ordered to pay a fine of ($31,000), and received a suspended three-month prison sentence. There was no there there. And it goes on.

Brigitte Bardot

bardotAlso in France, Brigitte Bardot, the legendary actress turned animal rights crusader, was convicted in  June 2008 for “inciting racial hatred” after demanding that Muslims anaesthetize animals before slaughtering them. Bardot’s lawyers said her passionate denunciation of the ritual slaughter of Eid al-Adha had been misinterpreted  as an attack on Islam in France. Her conviction has not deterred Bardot, who says thousands of tons of Islamically slaughtered halal meat is entering France’s general food chain, where it is being unwittingly consumed by the country’s non-Muslim population. Bardot continues to carry on her mission by paying out large amounts of money in fines.

This is what is happening daily in the European Union. Many people don’t like what is going on in the EU and this mess will, considering the growing mess that Muslims are bringing to the EU, when you add North America into Europe, there is no happy future.

14075169061961_700-300x168But if you get rid of the Muslims, the future would calm down a lot. But the Muslims only goal is to get rid of all Christians, Jews, etc. By that, it means destroy all non-Muslims. Then they could slaughter all non-Muslims in the parks- like they do in Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt and anywhere a party is going on. Call on ISIS. They like a party. These are Gay men. Muslims everywhere in the Middle East are tortured wherever they are and finally, kill them slowly. Children with cameras watch the torture die slowly.

NOTE: These laws are being used by criminals (Muslims) to plug up the legal system.

Free Speech on Trial in Europe.

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