Hillary Clinton opening up North America: Trump still playing the Fool.

2small2fail2President Obama gave Hillary Clinton a huge 8 year task and she is still finishing up her 8 year job of integrating  North America, placing  a perimeter around North America, and finishing up the integration of the Western Hemisphere, and completing the goal of ordering  ID cards for the 800,000,000 ‘citizens of the Western Hemisphere.”

NAFTACore2-300x200And as soon as all Mexicans, Americans and Canadians have their ID cards, all citizens of North America can “live and work” anywhere in North America. Mexicans, Americans and Canadians can live and work anywhere in North America. That means all citizens. How will Donald Trump explain his followers when he sees all those Mexicans filling up their houses and working all over the continent, working for cheap wages.

24peso_4_650cAnd you will too, because you will be paid the same cheap labor. This whole mess is in order so that CEOs around the world can live the good life. No?  OK. NOTE: Mexicans are building autos in Mexico for $4.00 an hour. Mexicans will cause auto workers wages to drop even more drastically for Americans. (Mexican auto workers will now build American cars in America for even less wages. That is why the CEOs love the Mexicans.) (PHOTO: Mexican auto worker.)

Meanwhile, Trump is still making crude comments about women. Trump still looks like an idiot up on the stage.

TrumpIs Trump still saying that he’s going to  build a wall across the 2000 mile border with Mexico and return the illegal Mexicans to Mexico? It appears that Trump is busy trying to become an idiot. And he is doing a great job of doing it. And Trump will do nothing.

This is just a little of what you will see when Mexican autoworkers of North America build cars.  And they will cause auto wages to drop a lot. And that is why the American CEOs are welcoming the Mexicans to the former United States.

(By waiving visa requirements, visitors are accepted for travel throughout North America.  Eventually, with a common security perimeter in place, anyone legally inside this outer perimeter can travel throughout North America without being stopped. That includes pre-cleared foreigners that enter North America. Landing at any port of entry on the continent is valid for North America.)

800px-Walmart_exterior_280x280This North American Community will be a busy place with people and cargo flowing across the continent on NAFTA multi-modal transportation corridors. Thousands of Mexican stevedores will load Mexican trucks with their cargo at Wal-Mart’s super port on the Southwest side of Mexico, then Mexican truck drivers will travel north on electronically monitored highways. They will slow down at the U.S. border, show their RFID card and continue driving through without inspection. The Mexican drivers are cleared to deliver anywhere in North America. Did I mentioned any Americans in the process? No. And you probably won’t.

ArcView Print JobThe perimeter is almost complete around North America. That means that all citizens of North America can have their ID card, live and work anywhere on the continent.

North America will have large highways utilizing these transportation facilities, moving cargo and people throughout North America.

Yes. The United States will no longer exist as we know it.

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