Hillary Clinton to finish All ID cards then Confiscation of all Guns and Ammo.

01-23-13-Z-36There are about 800,000,000 people in the Western Hemisphere and Hillary Clinton was given the task to integrate all 34 nations with their ID cards. When that happens it would mean that all but three nations would be under the control of all citizens, except Canada, the United States and Mexico. (Mexico is currently giving ID cards to all children of Mexico-5 to 17).

However, Canada and the United States are currently working on a system that will work for those two nations. I’m sure that any system will not be happy when it is revealed. I think the answer would be “Hell No”. Where did that come from.”

size0-300x198When all 34 nations have their ID cards, they will be able to work anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. That means that each person can be found anywhere in this Hemisphere. The USNORTHCOM can find you anywhere in the Hemisphere. I was a victim and monitored by the operations center at USNORTHCOM through my computer or printer. They followed me over a year.

SPECIAL NOTE. All of your computers are easily located and attacked. President Bush asked techs from GOOGLE to delete several articles about him and two articles from a Muslim. Bush wanted the person that was spying on him.

Now. When the government (Hillary Clinton or whoever is next) finally finishes issuing every ID card every person in the Western Hemisphere, then all citizens will be able to be monitored. And they can find you now. They can also find you through your ID card. Yes. It will have a tracking system of every place you have been. Feeling better now?

0III0I1213963457But there is more. The EU-US is in the process of integration. Once that happens, and congress agrees to merge, Congress will pass a bill that will only allow all guns and ammunition to be confiscated. That, my friend, would mean, every person in the Western Hemisphere must turn in your guns and ammo. That is the reason that all weapons must be turned in. Remember.

Organizations from the USSOUTHCOM are training to control the southern part of  the Hemisphere while USNORTHCOM is currently training to maintain areas such as Mexico, Canada, and the United States. All three nations of North America are training to utilize military wherever needed. These forces are currently training at Camp Bullard, Texas  and Ft. Bragg.

EU-US. Clinton, Bush, and Obama have all tried to help pass bills that would pass congress. Both Europe and the US are working to make it happen. Trump won’t make it happen either.

NOTE: If you don’t have an ID card, you cannot have a job, buy food, anything, buy a car. The authorities may begin checks on your ID. You may not be able to live in this New World Order. You may find yourself in prison.

Your ID. That, my friend, may be all you have.


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