NOTICE: The United States will not protect you from Islamic Terror either.

Anyone can stop a significant number of terrorism from the United States by making sure that you are not a terrorist. Then, pick up known terrorists, put them in prison-permanently. Deport illegals. Then have a system that will pick up terrorists permanently. Deport incoming hostile Islamic terrorists.

The Bottom line though is that they can come in anyway. And our leaders are not interested. This, however could be a “permanent system” until those brain dead “leaders” continue to count up the dead and wounded. For now, every passenger is in danger when flying.  However, it appears that our government doesn’t won’t to make our Muslim citizens feel at ease.

So just be careful and look around and hope that your plane doesn’t have a gun or bomb on its plane. As I watched, the passengers walked to their plane and looked around. I saw the nervous people. They walked quickly and looked everywhere.

However, I saw that after the attack that they all moved quickly, looking around for possible terrorists. The bombs had already killed a number of passengers and wounded many more. The passengers began a fast run toward their planes. One of the bombers, it appeared, was laying on the inside walkway. He tried to get up again and again, but fell down.

And it appeared he fell down again. And the passengers looked at him, looked again, then hurried to their plane for loading.

I guess you get used to this after a while.

I would never get in an aircraft at the airport at Ataturk, Istanbul where bombs are a common event at this airport, especially the airport where a long number of ambulances are on call. When the alarm was given, a long row of ambulances rushed to the airport.  You can see some of the event at the link above.

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