Hillary Clinton: Completing the Western Hemisphere

800px-Abuelotriptico-300x225_003Hillary has already finished 400 million ID cards for the NEW WORLD ORDER and they are already working. These peasants and children think that this is a treat for them. And now the hard time is going to become trying to make citizens of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  Clinton has allowed 3 years to finish three nations. The problem is with the ID cards and, of course, how to make all the citizens agree to give up all of their guns and ammunition.

There will be 479 million more people to check. And a large group of mixed soldiers throughout the hemisphere will be going through their houses. And all citizens will have their weapons seized.

And every citizen will have a biometric ID card. All citizens, of course, can be contacted by the authorities.

1III1I1214222088I think that this project may be just a bit touchy when the foreign soldiers begin searching the citizens throughout their homes in Canada and the United States. (Camp Bullard, Texas) Yes. Foreign soldiers will be searching your homes.

Also, Mexicans can in the long run, work and live anywhere in North America, including the U.S. and Canada. That will, of course, cause wages for Americans to drop dramatically. The benefits will go to the CEOs, as planned. You can see this plan at BUILDING A NORTH AMERICA COMMUNITY.

Don’t forget to carry your ID card or the base USNORTHCOM may put out a search for you.  NOTE: All citizens of the Western Hemisphere and eventually, all sections of the world, will have an ID card and no one will have a gun or ammunition. This project is global, and is working toward a world without weapons. Of course, except the police, and soldiers.

05-21-10-21Hillary Clinton is a full leader of 8 years in the NEW WORLD ORDER. She is working under President Obama toward a world without weapons. That will also mean that no one will be able to hide from anyone or to stand up to any one.

Hillary Clinton has declared that all guns will be seized.

Question. Is there no one on this planet with the courage to stand up to this evil? Or all of you cowards?




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