My Time: When Bush and Muslims wanted my articles deleted.

01-images-decade-122409ss-300x228I had not planned to reveal the articles against me and my website. I decided to show what ever I can remember. Yes. It did also involve 9/11, invasions against peaceful countries and attempts to invade Iraq. That basically meant maneuvering around in order to start a war in Iraq, without any reason.

The invasion by George W. Bush was made possible when Secretary Rumsfeld decided that President Bush could invade Iraq. This action by Secretary Rumsfeld made it possible for Vice President Cheney to acquire all the army bases for the war with Iraq.

5753216Innocent men, women and children were killed in this war so Bush could play soldiers (at Home) and Cheney could become wealthy managing the army bases from the Iraq invasion. Secretary Cheney made $40 billion dollars making this fake war. And Bush got his book with nothing but fake wars, courtesy of George W. Bush.

And this action also made it possible for President George W. Bush to become a commander-in-chief for the Iraqi War. However, this “war with Iraq” was made up by Cheney and Bush. This whole scenario was planned by George W. Bush several years before these two criminals even decided to run for office and invade Iraq in order for these two men to bring their plan to fruition.

Readers. Think about all the horrible crimes these two evil creatures brought forth. Bush and Cheney. All that time Bush was not planning. He was just waiting for for Bin Laden to appear.

Bush was seen walking around, CANCELING urgent meetings about Bin Laden, or sitting down doing nothing, waiting. A number of high level people were asking for a transfer because Bush was doing absolutely nothing. Waiting for Bin Laden, flying down Broadway, bringing with it death to innocents.

article-2035503-006B50B300000258-411_964x1065-271x300And Bush could barely hold his joy as the Twin Towers came crashing down.

I became part of this situation after 9/11 when I wrote two critical articles about President Bush. Along with that, a Muslim broadcaster asked Bush to also have someone delete two critical articles on Islam that I wrote.

So, the CEO of Google sent two experts to do just that. While I was reading my last article about President Bush, I saw that article being destroyed in front of me. I also heard two men talking about those articles through my computer. When they heard me yell, they left quickly.

I know from that attempt, I later discovered that the CEO of GOOGLE was the person who was giving the orders ( a crime). This happened on the first attempt when the techs were caught in the act. (That was a crime.)

(I didn’t know at that time that those men could listen to me as they talked or that they could destroy my articles when these criminals were attempting just that. After that failed criminal act, the CEO told Bush and the Muslim that the attempt to destroy those 4 articles was called off.  This first attempt was during the first term of George W. Bush.)

The second attempt to destroy my articles for President Bush, the next CEO of GOOGLE, asked the next lawyer to read my article. The next effort was, again, a lawyer who read the last article. It revealed that it showed clearly my article was valid (true) but it was turned down. This CEO did block me from having only my website from accessing me, the only website on earth, by the CEO.

For 2 weeks my website (2015) was blocked by the CEO, but the lawyer for the CEO said the article was valid and true. And that, of course, meant that my article about President Bush being guilty of his crimes is also valid. It then follows that President Bush should be tried for mass murder and a list of other crimes, along with Vice President Cheney and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. But nothing happened.  Of course.

362_bush_eveningspeechAnd George W. Bush is guilty. These crimes from President Bush are illegal when you hire criminals to attempt crimes for the President. George W. Bush is illegal when he is keeping me from writing and publishing my articles. He is keeping me from the truth. As the president, you are also hiding the truth. Why are you afraid of the truth, Mr. Bush?

I would hope that the former President Bush is charged for crimes committed against a number of people, including mass murder for 9/11, and allowing Secretary Rumsfeld to advise President Bush to let Bin Laden escape into Pakistan so that he could be seen as “a commander-in-chief” in Iraq.

Dick-Cheney-300x185And Vice President Cheney did get those concessions in Iraq and he became a billionaire again by getting those concessions. Now. Look at all of the death and suffering caused by Vice President Cheney just so he could become wealthy.  Yes. He did get 40 billion dollars from all those people.

I thought that it was illegal to use your job to amass a large fortune. You might be tempted to acquire a large amount of money using your other job.

Of course, That included all those people, citizens, soldiers from all nations affected, the children from America, 9/11, all those citizens who were crashed in America with the help of Bin Laden, and soldiers still in Afghanistan after all these years.

rumsfeld-bush-cheney31-320x239-300x224All those killed, wounded, died, and many are still dying in 2016. And Bush could could call himself a commander-in-chief. And don’t forget that bogus book about President Bush-all those people dying, body parts being torn off and their minds destroyed, just so Bush could get his merit award.

This was from George W. Bush before he was a civilian and he started killing people around the world.

“One of the keys to be seen as a great president is to be seen as a commander-in-chief. My Father had all this capital build up when he drove the Iraqis out of Kuwait and he wasted it…If I had a chance to invade…If I had a chance to invade… If I had that much capital, I’m not going to waste it. I’m going to get everything passed that I want passed and I’m going to have a successful presidency.” George W. Bush.

(Translation: I will manipulate events, and have a successful term of office. Now notice all of the people you killed and wounded for your pleasure. They are still dying because of you, for your crimes.)



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