When the Barbarians Came to Town

stoningb3-300x247Those of you who failed to get references from the desert barbarians before letting them move to Europe, you made a terrible mistake. Now you are paying with death and sorry from Islam. They are here now to replace you with members of Islam. They plan to replace you with, eventually, Islam and all of the wonderful stadiums filled with the tortures of Islam, brought to you and your children.

These fine citizens of Muhammad are also here to punish this man in the top photo. He was stoned by fine citizens for adultery, also. In the bottom photo, the woman was stoned by stones, again. You can see her dress below. This, people, will delight you with many evil ways to kill people who have broken some slight religious law.

d6-300x186Now what are you going to do as the population of Europe grows and young Muslims become killers and the governments shake their hands and listen to another attack in France, Germany, England. And You will shake yours and do nothing. And the Muslims keep growing and they continue to plan and attack.

And a note. In the United States, an American killed a large number of Gays recently because they saw Gay Americans in a large number. Muslims will kill any gay (LGBT) if they have the opportunity. This should now make it clear that this attack could happen any time in the USA if a situation takes place. Certainly, If your leaders keep bringing in Muslims to America. I guarantee it will.

0-a-1-scharia-in-c3a4gyptenBut Europe has a large number of hostile Muslims, throughout Europe. In England the Vicars are attacked and can even be killed in England. And in this note here. The leader of England a couple of years ago ordered all British soldiers to take off their army uniforms so the Muslims won’t fill uneasy in their own country.

These four men had their right arm and left foot cut off for being a theft. These types of tortures are common in Islam. Muhammad enjoyed all kinds of torture.

He even caught a couple of thieves in the desert and tortured them and made them watch as they slowly suffered in the heat while he talked to them.

Hang 'Em HighWhen Islam takes over, all religions or those with no religion will no longer exist. Killing everyone who opposes their religion is not a problem. Yet. Our leaders in the United States and in Europe continue to ignore all the Muslims who are standing up and saying that we will take over the world.  These gay men were killed by hanging. These killings are done because they violated Islam. There are a number of Islamic religious reasons that demand punishing. Not a good advertisement for a religion, though.

But everyone ignores the threat of Islam. And in Europe these evil creatures of Muhammad continue to kill and torture citizens around the world. They even shout out what they did.

Sharia-Law-41484735689-300x226Islam makes up to one and a half-billion people. Does that give them the go ahead to kill every non-Muslim? Yes. Indeed, they do plan to destroy all non-Muslims after they conquer the world. It won’t happen. But it would be a huge mess. (Photo. A Muslim wants Shariah (Islamic law for the world.)

That will not happen, but if you fools continue to ignore these threats, many citizens of earth will keep killing as many people that they can. Leaders of Islam have a plan (some say that in a hundred years, Islam will rule the world).

No. But the world will become an even larger disaster. This world will become a place that no one will want to live in.

For different reasons, scientists, religious nuts and experts on overpopulation say that life by 1999 will be a disaster. Death by atmosphere will become a large reason for the global death count.  Indeed, we are on that track. And the only people pushing more and more people, are CEOs with huge bank accounts.








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