An unofficial check of choice for keeping guns or destroying guns

(A) The unofficial count was for keeping guns and ammunition by a total of a count of 30.

(B) The unofficial count was for destroying all guns and ammunition by a count of 896.

Note: That was just an unofficial vote but it was at least a real idea of how strong that the “destroy the guns and ammo” group feels about guns and ammo.

TrumpOf course, I understand that Donald Trump, if he becomes president, said that he will keep guns legal. If so, that will cause a problem,too. Does he know that he can do that? Who told him?

2009_05_31_SV_250_1_004Hillary Clinton, for example is planning to confiscate all guns and ammunition (If she becomes president) throughout the Western Hemisphere, using the military from a number of local soldiers to seize and destroy all guns and ammunition.

And was Trump just talking or would he be able to keep the citizens guns and ammo. Or would he want to do that. If not, there will also be a big problem. This situation is not do able, or permanent.

This check is to see how the feeling is for guns and ammo and against them. The feeling is one of an impending disaster, with no end in site.




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