As I predicted, the First Amendment would not be the last one from Obama

BObamaWhen President Obama became the president, he said that he would not be the last one to change or delete an amendment. And he is doing more than that, despite the citizens of our nation. Obama is currently now trying to change or delete the first amendment and he will also be trying to delete the second amendment, the right to carry a gun.

The first problem is also with the second Amendment from Barack Obama and that second amendment will absolutely destroy the second amendment. Obama wants to have Muslims and others to be able to stop “my freedom” to speak the truth about Islam, if you are a Muslim.

Obama would be violating our First Amendment, supporting the Muslims and their religion of Islam by stopping in another way. This will stop our first amendment if it happens, and put free speech in peril. It would stop all free speech in America. That, my friends, would end our free nation. The truth would be silenced, if Obama stopped it.

size0-300x198Obama and Hillary have already finished their efforts toward integration of a North American Community and finished the continental perimeter around the three nations of Mexico, Canada, and the United States. It means that all citizens of North America can “live and work” anywhere in North America. It means that all three nations will now have Spanish taught in class. Of course it also means that the CEOs of North America are happy that they can now enjoy large benefits from cheap Mexican labor. See pages 25-28 in the link above.

And now all three nations are one army and can be used anywhere in North America. Of course, Obama only wants his soldiers from our nation. That would be from Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Now, all three armies can be used in North America or separately.

Civil_Assistance_Plan_14feb08_small-300x200Soldiers for example, can be utilized by Mexican soldiers in California. Canada also has an agreement with the leader of Canada that he can invade the United States without permission. However, all persons living in North America will be able to live or work anywhere in north America.

But note this: When this North American Community is finished, all citizens of North America can live and work anywhere in North America.

2small2fail2However, there is another little problem put up by Hillary Clinton and that is she is currently working toward a system that will have all gun owners giving up their guns and ammunition. Homes will be SEARCHED by soldiers from all three nations. More later. (All citizens of the world will give up their guns. That is a goal in play for all. Yes. but police and military units will continue to carry guns and ammunition throughout the 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere  Citizens will be without guns.

Gun owners of the United States, Canada and Mexico will certainly be opposed to giving away their guns without a fight. And now, the European Union and the United States have agreed in Washington in which they would  give up their guns when the EU-US parliament met in Washington, D.C.

I don’t think that the GUN OWNERS of America know that their time is up. These two groups, the EU-US and the Gun Owners of America will not allow for their guns and ammunitions to be taken from them. It would seem to be that these two groups appear to be heading for some kind of combat.

Mexicon_003I see no other way out if the United States decides at one point that some kind of combat will be in the works, using military forces from Canada, Mexico and the United States. It could happen.

All three groups could take part in a mission, such as having soldiers go and check homes with guns and ammo. This mission will include searching homes which have been targeted for guns and ammunition.  Note that the three military groups from Canada, Mexico, and the United States have been training just for this situation. Mexican troops have also delivered convoys in New Orleans in a hurricane.

And, if a situation gets out of hand in North America with civilian groups, such as African Americans deciding that the time is to strike, you will have a hard time of picking out who is on what side.

If the United States decides to take action against, for example, “Gun Owners of America”, will a significant number of other groups take action at some time, and against who will be the target against hostile African Americans. You may have to fight against several groups. Or would you just pick a target.

A Neo-Nazi protester throws a punch at a Chicano Activist Brown Beret counterprotester during a brief skirmish.
A Neo-Nazi protester throws a punch at a Chicano Activist Brown Beret counterprotester during a brief skirmish.

There would be a problem of who to start killing people. A good start would be foreign soldiers. Of course, foreign forces. Remember, though, Mexicans say that North America belongs to them. I guess you just have to kill the first ones you see. (California)

In reality, there actually could be several groups that could be large enough to be targets since your “leaders” have given us large groups of people who could break off and fight for their special groups. There are a number of splinter groups that will like to mix it up.

d1I can see it, the splinter group of the week. Who will come out against the winner, the Muslims of America?

costamesaOr would it be the Chicanos. We own this continent, we were the first to be here.

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