Humans spent the last 2,000 years trashing Planet Earth. So far, too late now.

The only way that earth could have been destroyed was for CEOS and government “leaders” being in bed.  And they did a great job of doing just that. Global leaders ignored every effort to not make planet earth a better place to live in. And now our time is running out. [ NOTE: There were no efforts to stop climate change.]

2015_0601climateThey let the population on earth grow until there was nothing left but garbage, polluted water around the world, and an atmosphere with a climbing temperature, caused by melting ice and snow all across Alaska, Canada and globally. Huge areas of Canada have lost ice and snow, leaving scrubs, and quickly making a planet with melting ice and snow. The photo above was   of a warming atmosphere, causing ice and snow to melt, and animals of all creatures. And all creatures, including people, will soon be casualties of this melting ice over the Arctic ice.

And leaving a world currently bringing an atmosphere that is quickly making it unfit for humanity and making earth unable to support billions of people, and for any new citizens. That means that the death toll will bring about mass deaths all across the earth. There will only be quick burning of bodies when the temperatures arrive, especially in areas such as India, Southwest United States, and all arid regions.

NO SHELTER: Too Late to save planet Earth? The best scientists have said so.

All things must end and so will the United States. Those who are the movers and doers are now planning their moves. Of course, all of this shaken and moving will only help for a while, here and there, but in the end, the earth will become a disaster zone. Scientists predict that the temperatures will continue to rise.

635779203048522986-AP-VANISHING-ICEA problem is that this Arctic ice will disappear and melt again. Each time, the melting will continue, allowing the ocean to cause the Arctic Ocean to release a huge amount of heat, causing the earth to become much hotter. It will also cause massive CO2 and deadly methane gas to be released into the atmosphere. And the earth will become even hotter.

NOTICE: For your information. The few top scientists have stopped their efforts  and their activities, and so have the others.

There is NO PLAN to save the earth, anywhere on earth. They decided to stay with their families as long as they could. There will be no action because there will be no one on earth to try and save our planet. The only action is with the CEOs of the world, trying to add more paper money to the bank.

arctic-blog480These scientists are saying that the Arctic Ocean will melt around 2018 and later on recover. And the scientists also say that the ice will come back. Then, the Arctic Ocean will refreeze and the same  process will return. Then the temperature will go up again, allowing CO2 and Methane to cause the air to become hot again. If you are on a hot zone, you may become dead.

If you are around at 2050, the earth will get even hotter. And the death rate will explode.

And soon all of the Arctic Ocean will melt but will recover for a period, then recover again, according to the scenario. But all of that CO2 and Methane will now be coming to the surface, bringing more bad news. So don’t go there anymore. There will be more places to suffer or die on.

Remember. Just look for a safe place to move to and live there. DETAIL, You say.

Professor Jennifer Frances of Rutgers declared that “This does seem to suggest that the weather patterns are changing and people are noticing that the weather in their area is not what it used to be.”

My comment: The problem is still that the green house gases are saturating the atmosphere (my words), including CO2 and especially the deadly methane that has been recently found off of Siberia and bubbling up on 2 million acres of ocean, warming it and the atmosphere.

THE GREEN HOUSE EXTINCTION (The endgame for earth, I call it.)

Mark Serreze, the director of the US National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado:

“Fundamental: the strong warming that might drive this is tied in with the loss of sea-ice cover that we’re seeing because the sea-ice cover acts as this lid separates the ocean from a colder atmosphere.

1“If we remove that lid, we pump all this heat up into the atmosphere. That is a good part of the signal of warming that we’re now seeing, and that could be driving some of these changes.”

There are other well-known and respected climate scientists who have decades in the field of global warming due to greenhouse gases-and their views are based on their research and have more serious conclusions that put out the total inhabitants of earth in danger of extinction. For example:

Guy McPherson [is a] professor of evolutionary biology, natural resources, and ecology at the University of Arizona and a climate expert of 25 years. His prediction is that it is essential for many changes to be taken by leaders of the Earth now. But, it is probably too late. (Not enough time.)

Professor McPherson says that in his words, the plan to save the earth “is probably too late.”

What he meant is that no one has even thought yet about saving the world. And no studies and experiments have been carried out. There are no projects of any kind in order to save the earth.

That includes governments, scientists, military, there is no help or planned to save the earth. (ANYWHERE)

The earth and its people will no longer exist. Humanity will no longer exist.

DaimlerChrysler Toluca Assembly Complex. (M-0009)
DaimlerChrysler Toluca Assembly Complex. (M-0009)

However, the automobile industry says that it is currently in the process of building one and a half-billion more vehicles for planet earth. They do have a real good quality and selection for the coming group of both trucks and cars and color. They also have excellent terms up to 4 years payment.

That’s all folks.

And that is real.



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