THE VOTE: Chose (A) If you want to keep your guns and ammo.

Hillary Clinton is leading the charge for a “global destruction”  of all ammunition and weapons in the Western Hemisphere (34 nations). The last three nations with large amounts of guns and ammo are from Canada, the United States and Mexico. Note: The goal eventually is a complete destruction of all guns and ammunition of the WORLD.

The only people with guns left will be police and military solders from throughout the Western Hemisphere so far.

So far, Hillary Clinton is deadly serious for the total destruction of all guns and ammo in the Western Hemisphere, or will Donald Trump become president and will he say the guns and ammo stay. The two possible presidents will be only Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, the two possible presidents. Who will be president and make that choice?

800px-Abuelotriptico-300x225The men will include soldiers from Canada, Mexico, and the United States, and possibly others from the rest of the Western Hemisphere. The homes will be searched, or, it may include by force. And note this. Every person of 5 years old and up will have an ID card that will make it possible for all citizens to be able to contact you.

HILLARY CLINTON OR DONALD TRUMP. The fate of armed citizens will be decided on who will become president.





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