Our World: Now threatened by melting Ice and Methane-with no answer

635779203048522986-AP-VANISHING-ICEThe scientists of the world have for a long time been studying and applying efforts to keep Methane (gas) from spreading across the globe. If the scientists cannot find systems that will be able to keep the temperature of our planet as we found it, our climate could rise quickly and our earth will be in serious danger. That means that our planet and our inhabitants, both humans and animals, may soon no longer exist.

As of now, there are no plans that will do it.

(arctic-news.blogspot.com) This kind of warming in the Arctic could result in ever more methane ending up in the atmosphere and remaining there for a longer period without getting oxidized. Initially, all this methane will be concentrated in the Arctic, causing huge amplification of the greenhouse effect there in summer heating up the sea and causing further depletion of the oxygen (as algae start to bloom) and further accelerating the permafrost melt and thus causing further carbon to be released from permafrost and clathrates.) Sam Carana/4/15/2011/

The scientists have for a long time been studying and applying efforts to keep Methane gas from causing temperatures that could bring a much higher level of temperature, including methane that could kill many more people and animals globally.

(arctic-news.blogspot.com) Such dramatic local warming is bound to trigger further melting of permafrost locally, resulting in further releases of methane. Massive amounts of methane are stored in the Arctic, much of it concentrated at high density in hydrates. One liter of hydrate can release up to 164 liters of methane. And a rise in temperature could cause abrupt releases of huge amounts of methane from hydrates./Sam Carana/4/15/2011/

naam-ice-11Scientists may now have to deal with more problems and to deal with huge amounts of methane in the Arctic and now, the Antarctic is also wondering what to do with a possible massive melt down in Antarctica. If that happens, another huge methane disaster will be looming in the south pole eventually.

Scientists are busy trying to find a way to keep the methane gas from spreading over a large part of the atmosphere and land. So far all efforts to keep methane under control globally have failed. The scientists are simply not able to maintain the methane gases.

From everything that appears, we don’t currently have any good way of keeping methane gases from allowing that methane to cause the temperature of planet earth to rise toward a danger level. So far, the only solution is to dump it into the atmosphere. Now we have the problem of allowing massive amounts of methane gases to be released to the atmosphere.

The scientists have no solution for the problem of maintaining methane gases safely. Now we have to constantly find ways to keep the global collection of methane safe from earthlings, animals, etc. The “answer” is dump it in the atmosphere.

You know, of course, that this will not come out to a satisfied finish. You simply can’t keep piling garbage, chemicals and pollution on the earth and expect a good ending to this story.

Yes. It will come to a sorrow ending for humanity.


The Clathrates “Smoking gun”



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