By the time this is all done-The U.S. will no longer have sovereignty

By 2050.

270906highway1-300x223When all is done, the United States will no longer be here. I have a time line that is also quickly moving toward the end of life for many of us as we know it. The three leaders of North America have completed a perimeter around North America. It means that citizens of this continent can now live and work anywhere on North America. It also means that citizens on this continent will have to work for much cheaper wages and benefits. CEOs are now making the laws in order for them to make much more money. Of course, the CEOs are making the rules and laws now and around the world.

In accord with the leaders of the North American Community, the three leaders of North America will now be a part of the the three military forces. They can now be used for all activities: the United States Military, the Canadian and the Mexican Armies.  We are one unit now.

800px-Abuelotriptico-300x225_003NOTE this: All citizens in the Western Hemisphere will no longer carry guns or ammunition. Every person over 5 years old in the Hemisphere will have an ID card and carry it all the time. Anyone living in the Western Hemisphere will carry their ID card and can be charged for failure to carry it-always.

Wear your ID card always in case you are called from a friend or from NORTHCOM.

59477When George W. Bush was leaving office, the incoming president, Barack Obama agreed to continue the integration of North America and the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas, which will be the integration of the 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere, modeled after the European Union. (NOTE. The US-EU parliament is now in place.)

t1larg_espinosa_clinton_geHillary Clinton was in charge of the PPA project plus the integration of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the monstrous The Transatlantic and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The TTIP is a permanent US-EU parliament. The US-EU parliament is now in place in Washington, D.C. but will it have sovereignty over the U.S. Constitution.


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