Hillary Clinton does intend to destroy all Guns and Ammo.

Yes. Hillary Clinton does intend to destroy all guns. In fact, there are those around the globe, those who want to destroy all guns and ammo. I was watching Hillary (Televison) at a rally a few months back in the Northeast giving a speech.

At the end of the rally she walked back and forth to the crowd yelling loudly, screaming that (as loud as she could) she would destroy all guns- as clear as I could hear. And she kept walking back and forth. Her intent was just that. She would destroy all guns and ammo.

800px-Abuelotriptico-300x225_003cedula_002_t352-300x225Now Hillary Clinton has been ordering all citizens of the Western Hemisphere to have ID cards for every citizens. So far over 400 million citizens have obeyed. Hillary Clinton has now completed 31 nations  with their ID cards, including all 5 year-old children. All Mexican 5 year-old children are now receiving  their ID cards in school.

The last three nations will be Mexico, Canada, and the United States. The last three nations will be last because for some reason, Hillary is having a problem with making special ID cards for these three problem nations.

And the last 3 nations have another situation in that these three nations all have a large collection of guns and ammunition. And they do not want Hillary to take their guns. So Hillary is planning to utilize soldiers from different nations to check those who have ID cards.

size0-300x198Another problem is that foreign soldiers from the nations of the Western Hemisphere will probably be called on to visit each such homes and search them for guns and ammo. There just may be a little problem if that is how that will be the case. Those three nations with [ID gun cards and ammo] will have their homes searched and their guns and ammo will be seized.

Yes. All citizens of Canada, Mexico and the United States will be searched and have their weapons and ammo seized. We don’t live in the United States anymore.

worldturnedupsidedownOne Note: All Mexicans can now live and work anywhere in the United States of America. Also, all American students will be taught Spanish in school. And Mexicans will probably fly their flag in the USA. They have before.

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