Hillary Clinton has been in charge of over 800 million people

When all the people of the Western Hemisphere, about 800,000,000 million people, Hillary Clinton will have made USNORTHCOM at Peterson AFB, the master of all people in the Western Hemisphere. USNORTHCOM will then  have control of every person in this Western Hemisphere. And Hillary Clinton was in charge of it all the way.

t1larg_espinosa_clinton_geNOTE: When all people of the “world” have an ID card, all citizens of the world will have an ID card. Now. When Hillary Clinton, or whoever finishes up in the Western Hemisphere, she will have completed all ID cards. It would mean that every citizen in the Western Hemisphere can now be found by USNORTHCOM.

A child can then contact any person, anywhere in the Hemisphere. Yes. Hillary Clinton will have soon made 800 million people, slaves of everyone at USNORTHCOM. You will have that ID card and they can find you anywhere.

Yes. And all guns and ammo will be destroyed, according to Hillary Clinton. Soldiers from other places will check your homes for guns and ammo, legal and illegal.


Yes. I was threatened by a person at USNORTHCOM for a year until a political person freed me from USNORTHCOM.

Note. Every person on earth can now contact your computer and find out everything in your computer. And they have been there, Two CEOs, one agent over a year and another CEO, who ordered my website blocked from the world for two years.  However, the lawyer for the second CEO, told President Bush that my article was legal and all in my article was valid. All those threats by George W. Bush and he has never paid for his crimes.

rumsfeld-bush-cheney31-320x239-300x224So that means that Bush is, and was, a mass murderer. Note this. Bush was declared by a lawyer that MY article was, and is, still valid. I am still waiting for his trial to be starting for his crimes against humanity.

If my article is valid against George W. Bush for crimes against humanity, then why hasn’t Bush been punished for his horrific crimes against humanity?


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