The Earth is quickly falling apart and humans are the reason

1Humans are the problem why our once beautiful planet is now quickly fallen into a disaster zone, from a polluted atmosphere to our oceans, rivers and lakes, simply because we are becoming overcrowded. We now have too many people on our earth causing a rise in pollution from human activities.

We are causing that rise in global temperature.  And the ice is melting around the earth because of that. And that melting is causing flooding on rivers and islands and lowlands. And that melting is not going away in many places.

1224256787256_1The result is that our planet is growing billions of more people. They are now causing the atmosphere to bring about much hotter temperatures and the ice continues to melt. And the more people who live on earth, the more melting of ice and snow continues. You can see the melting of ice and snow by flying over places like Canada and Alaska. And the Arctic Ocean is predicted to become ice free by 2018. With it, a danger appears if methane gas and CO2 both erupt from below the water and send these agents into the atmosphere, causing a higher temperature rise into the atmosphere. Not good for our planet and our people.

110908-tex-heat-hmed-11aThe atmosphere is now bringing about a hotter climate globally, which will in turn be making these (two) billion  more people that experts have predicted by 2050-which will make the earth even hotter. The result will be a much higher number of people suffering and dying. In fact the experts say that over 2 billion more people will walk the earth by 2050. And the earth will become much hotter but our “leaders” have simply given up any effort of cooling the earth.  (Photo) A common feature for dried-out lakes and rivers in the United States. With that, we can also witness to massive forest fires.

In fact, the top scientists have already given up trying to save the planet because our”leaders” have long ago stopped trying to save the planet. A group of scientists have already decided to finish out their lives with their family. For your information, there is no place on earth where a global effort of any kind is now trying to stop the disaster marching toward our destiny. (Information from these scientists decided to be with their families since their efforts would be futile. There was no plan to save the earth. And there still is no plan.)

And there will not be an answer to save the planet and people who will be dying all around the world. No answer will be there.

However, instead of cutting back, humans are producing many more humans who are now producing more people. And still the CEOs tell the leaders of the world to keep on pushing for more customers so they can make more money.

In the mean time, these global CEOs are utilizing the knowledge they have to make tons of  paper money, then buying massive castles and acquiring more paper money. Meanwhile, “Our leaders” and CEOs are continuing to destroy anything they can destroy in the process until the whole planet becomes nothing but a disaster zone.

p19a All around the world, automakers are making more automobiles. And in the United States one and a half billion autos are in the process of being made for your driving pleasure. And these vehicles will continue to put out pollution and heat all around the world and the temperatures will continue to rise and the deaths will also grow along with medical conditions.

Remember this. There are no governments or agencies trying to stop this massive growing pollution of destruction of the earth.

Life for humanity will soon be very unpleasant for many people on earth and there will be no one left to make it better for anyone. Of course, the next few groups of citizens on earth will exist in a much worse climate. But the dying will also be a very trying effort just to exist for many citizens on earth.

There are no plans by officials to save planet earth. No one on earth is doing anything to save planet earth. Make your plans accordingly.


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