2015_0112dj_Science could eventually declare that the human is now in danger of extinction, along with many other creatures. An example is the prediction that the Arctic Ocean will disappear by the summer of 2016-2018, for a while. Eventually, at this rate, deadly CO2, and methane below the Arctic, have already been noted in large numbers and the dangers to humanity. They are now bubbling up into the atmosphere. We are worried that CO2 would cause major destruction to the environment and humans but now scientists are talking about releases of 6 degrees of global heat rather than 2 degrees.

Extremely deadly but again, nothing is being done or planning to save the Earth, nothing. The top scientists have said that no one on earth is planning or doing anything to save Planet Earth.

And again, the CEOs and leaders of nations have done nothing as of now. It appears that our leaders are simply allowing the Chamber of Commerce and those of wealth to party and die rich. But the last part of of this century people will suffer in mass death throughout our last century. And note that the last part of our planet is predicted to be a massive drought, destroying food, animals and humans-with nothing to save large numbers of humanity. Yes, we are now expecting 2.4 billion more people on the earth by 2050.

The atmosphere will be much hotter, a massive drought for the last part of the century. But so far, our leaders are doing nothing to save our planet, with the atmosphere continuing to saturate our hot house, in the process melting all of our snow and ice. Does any of you think that we are going to continue as if nothing is happening and we can go along as if this is just another pleasant walk among the flowers and the birds are still singing.

That party is over. The question now is will our planet and its people survive.

But surprise. Carlos Ghosen, President, Chief and Executive Officer has some news for planet earth. Basically, Ghosen of Nissan sees 2.9 billion cars in the world by 2050. It means the globe just got more polluted and the world just got more closer to the death of all creatures on earth. In fact scientists are now counting the kind and numbers of creatures who are now dying out globally. Could one of them be you some day when you no longer have water or food, a day when you are one of those citizens who can no longer find food or even water.

p19aYes. In China autos are stuck on highways and cannot move for months. Food vendors all along the highway sell food and drinks to people all day and night. This will only get worse.

Now take a look at the future. It will only get worse:

“We are talking about extreme drought conditions that will-extend from the Mississippi River to California that will last for thirty or more years, literally leave our highly populated, water dependent society in uncharted territory, threatening our civilization’s ability to adapt to what will be a radically altered future environment.”

MORE: “Our results show it’s very likely, if we continue on our current trajectory of greenhouse gas emissions and warming, that regions in the west will be drier at the end of the 21st century than the driest centuries during the medieval era, “Cook told Quartz.

“The study puts the chances of a mega-drought in the central and southwest sometime between 2050-2099 at above 80%…Cook.

110908-tex-heat-hmed-11aWhen asked how a mega-drought, if it started today, would affect in the west, Famiglietti said, that public water, aquifers, agriculture, range lands, wildlife and forests would all be at risk: He added: “In California we’re already in deep trouble. Imagine what the water situation will look like in 2075? Depleted groundwater, decimated agriculture, irreparable damage to ecological habitat.


800px-Abuelotriptico-300x225_003NOTE: Hillary Clinton has already completed the ID cards for the 31 nations of the Western Hemisphere. When finished, all 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere will have an ID card. Each person must carry an ID card everywhere. With that, all guns and ammo must be surrendered.  More later.







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