Muslims: The Terror Among Us

foley20n-1-web-300x172Muslims will continue to kill American citizens across our nation because Islam is here to either convert or kill Americans, such as the Gay persons who were killed in the club in Orlando because he was gay. Other citizens of America have been and will continue to have Muslims who continue their terror against America.

nofreespeechMembers of Islam will ether join Islam (mostly from black America) or oppose America. And violence against American citizens will continue to cause death and suffering at the hands of Islamic terrorists. And Americans will continue to threaten or kill terrorists Americans. And Muslims will never give up their goal of conquering their plan of converting all citizens of planet earth.  Also note that a number of Islamic terrorists have made it to America and now continue to look for more potential Islamic terrorists.

d1_002And more unknown Muslims are now becoming terrorists and causing more threats to America. When American citizens no longer pay attention to the violence that explodes across the malls of America is when Americans will continue to die and live in fear because they know that at anyplace in America, Islamic terrorists can strike at citizens across our nation.

Enough. Take actions and do what is needed. No one should fear death from the Islamic terror. Muslims are your enemy. Muhammad stated that many years ago. Muslims said so from Muhammad. Islam declared so. When will you learn this lesson. Every Muslim is a potential terrorist.

Sharia-Law-41484735689-300x226Muslims have learned a long time ago in history that Jews, Christians, and many other groups are now teaching their groups that all citizens of our planet must defend against the Islamic horde.  Islam will give you no quarter, as Muhammad ordered. They enjoy killing.

The more that we allow Muslims to infiltrate our nation, the more that the terrorists can cause fear in our nation.

BObamaFight back, don’t make the evil of Muhammad allow for Americans to fear. Demand that President Obama finally defend his nation.

The evil that is threatening our nation is here now and it is time for Obama to step up and take action. President Obama only has to say-get the hell out of America. We are ready to clean house.






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