Donald Rumsfeld was correct when he said that Bush was guilty of 9/11

rumsfeld-bush-cheney31-320x239-300x224Trump was at least correct when he said that George W. Bush was guilty of crimes against humanity. However, Vice President Cheney and later, Secretary Rumsfeld advised Bush and Cheney to let the enemy escape.

And Ex-President H.W. Bush chose Cheney to help his son make the right decisions and Cheney wanted to run so that he could get the contracts for the bases when they invade Iraq. There was no reason to attack Iraq and Cheney had other goals.

His goal was to become a Commander-in -Chief and attack Iraq. That was all he wanted, and just have a book about him. And that book was nothing but a lie.

Dick-Cheney-300x185And Vice President Cheney only wanted to have the base contracts and he did. When he was through, Cheney had made 40 billion dollars. Remember, both Bush and Cheney wanted to be in position in the order just to complete their goals.

These evil creatures, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld allowed our Americans to be killed by Afghanistan terrorists, then Rumsfeld told Bush that if you don’t get out of Afghanistan you will miss the party in Iraq.

So Bush took his men and and told them to invade Iraq. Remember there was no war in Iraq. No reason. It was planned so President Bush could invade Iraq and become the commander-in-chief and have a book published  about a lie for Bush.

And Cheney also got his base contracts and became a multi-billionaire.  (40 billion).

293.twintowers.090108iraq-war-dead-child-274x300So they were joy-full after completing their personal missions. The dead American passengers killed by the terrorists on the American aircraft were joyful, for a while, so were the dead American soldiers in Afghanistan, so were the dead and wounded men, women and children.

dream2smallThe Afghans also thought that the Americans were leaving but the Americans somehow stayed in Afghanistan. The Americans are still being wounded, killed and their bodies being destroyed for no reason.

Note that Bush and Cheney had planned to carry out their mission two years before deciding to carry out their evil actions.

5753216Remember that all of this killing in 9/11, then Afghanistan. Now American soldiers are still in Afghanistan being killed by Afghan soldiers with no end in sight and there will never be an end to this nightmare. And American soldiers are still being killed and maimed in Afghanistan.

The only good thing that President Bush and Vice President Cheney liked was that their goals were a success. All those people, men, women, and children meant nothing to humanity. They were just there, as long as they followed the script. And they did.

All the time Bush and Cheney were cheering for a hit on America so they could carry out their goals. Cheney wanted the base contracts once they invaded Iraq and Bush wanted to become a Commander-in-Chief during a war (true). He actually said that to his first writer. Bush did get his chance to be what he wanted to be. And Vice President Cheney got the base contracts once the invasion was successful. And Cheney became a billionaire. And no one said a word.

All the good intel was received and ignored about the terror group. Condoleezaa Rice turned down a high level meeting about urgent info on a threat against America.

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