The Earth will be closing in on Human Extinction by 2099

naam-ice-05To say that the EARTH will become extinct doesn’t mean that all humans will be left on the planet, eventually.  As of now, there will be certain places that are secure by those who have “certain secure places.”

But humans in 2050 will be struggling with a serious climate change and with a constant sight of humans dying-and a constant increase of a growing temperature and no way to stop it.

polarbear globalwarming-awareness2007-300x200By  “2050” though, all creatures, animals, and others, will be EXTINCT–by then.  BUT with the non-help of our congress, our leaders, and our CEOs, our animal creatures will do as well as always when they are under stress. Every person and animal will stress under death, knowing that death is near.

Our fast growing planet now has the ingredients to bring about a world that will have the makings of a planet in serious distress. But by 2050, the climate situation of our planet will be beyond repair.

78__400x400_greater-roadrunner-3Global health will be falling, and the death NUMBERS of humans will climb significantly. And as expected, the global climate temperature will also continue to climb. Note that there was never any kind of significantly global effort to save planet Earth from EXTINCTION.

NONE. No scientists. The top science minds know that it is coming from our citizens- when they work and play, make war, make money, use up oil, gas, have too many people. When that happens, we all must pay.

31climate-master675These scientists have thought about it constantly but they have decided to live their lives with families. They do know absolutely, that the earth will end as a result from massive pollution, from ice and snow meltdown, with Methane, which will be spread across the earth from CO2 and Methane meltdown and all kinds of things that may  cause other kinds of things that may pass our way.

The scientists in the Arctic area have noted that all their efforts to stop pollution of all kinds were fruitless. When  the scientists noticed that large numbers of Methane were starting to be noticed, they released huge amounts of Methane into the atmosphere. That is all they can do.  The more we dig for oil or cause the ice to melt, the closer we are to the end game. The end.

Meanwhile, all creatures, large or small, are moving toward our destiny on earth.

“We can project with some accuracy the end of the natural world as we know it (at the time). If we still do nothing, it may soon  be too late to do anything…”

“…the destructive processes man has set in motion resemble a cancer if not stopped in time, the process cannot be reversed.”

According to scientists, we only have 28 years to save the creatures and animals from extinction.

FOR Humans, ……???




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