The New World Order

donald-trump-sean-hannity-hannity-2-300x201The New World Order is now recording but you can’t understand his speech. He decides that when he decides. I can’t understood his muttered sound. I can’t understand at all. Can he change his mind?  This new world order can not change his choice of photo or decide a difficult topic.

Can this new system have a say about anything? I mean, Can these recordings override his choice. Can he spend a half-hour, or more. Will he continue wondering about a number of items while he is pondering. Or can he spy on anyone?

I just could not understand anything that this creature was mumbling. Not at all.

This remote did something but nothing that you could understand.  No. I don’t know what he said. It was garbled.

I think that he is programed to listen.  Then listen some more.

IZKRBLAANM-249x300_002Or is he now downloading something to another agent. I just don’t like it all.


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