Why the Indians failed to conquer the Western Hemisphere

Ger001The people who were living in the Western Hemisphere had the whole place to themselves but they didn’t have the right clothes, a decent house to live in and technology. So when the Spanish conquistadors landed on the “New World Order”, someplace near New York, the Indians were second place. Of course, with cannons and muskets, and a real strict religion, the Indians were out of luck. It took a long time getting the hang of being a white person.

800px-Abuelotriptico-300x225However, the Indians eventually found how to become a foreigner but the white folks had all the hemisphere wrapped up.

And now, Hillary Clinton has ordered all persons to have  ID cards to all the citizens of the Western Hemisphere. President Obama chose Hillary Clinton to integrate the hemisphere for her 8 years of merging all 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere.

Now Hillary Clinton has ordered 31 countries to have an ID card and carry it everywhere they go. That includes all children of 5 years and older. The USNORTHCOM will have information for all citizens (all 800,000,000 citizens).  [TRUE]

2small2fail2Now, Hillary Clinton has decided that all persons in the Hemisphere, including the citizens of Canada, the United States and Mexico, must also give up all their guns and ammunition. When these three nations give up their guns and ammunition, no guns will be allowed in this Hemisphere. [TRUE]

Note that Hillary Clinton will use foreign troops (From local soldiers) to search all gun owners in the Hemisphere. When all guns and ammunition are confiscated, foreign troops will be part of the New World order. [TRUE]

Folks: All citizens of the Western Hemisphere must have an ID Card and all guns and ammunition will be destroyed. [True]


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