Hillary Clinton could be the only person to stop all guns and Ammo in America now.

05-21-10-21I said that she was the only person in America who could have ordered all persons to have an ID card in the Western Hemisphere. When she becomes the President of the United States of America, she will also finish the task of completing the three goals from Hillary by ordering her mission of adding an ID card to complete all three nations (Canada, Mexico, and the United States) and making the Hemisphere become one, making it complete.

cedula_002_t352-300x225Hillary Clinton will have finished and completed 800 million ID cards in the Western Hemisphere. Then every person from 5 years up can now be able to find all citizens with their ID card. And they can do the same for you.

Do you think that your country will salute to Hillary Clinton when she gets down from the plane and stops in the Western Hemisphere? Will they salute to her when she gets down? //

0III0I1213963457-300x202_002When Hillary finishes her task from President Obama, she will have finished Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America. She will now become the first American to order these three nations to turn in all their guns, their ammo, and all legal paper. And, of course, all Americans will receive their ID cards and call into USNORTHCOM. Don’t forget that all your children must also call in and become one of the Western Hemisphere.

That will make it legal and you will be part of the Western Hemisphere.

That will make Hillary Clinton become part of Canada, Mexico and the United States of America as part of  the Western Hemisphere. And the United States of America will be just a part of the Western Hemisphere.

070509-n-6954b-003_jpg4a-300x200Hillary Clinton would also be the only person on earth who ordered 800,000,000 people to have ID cards in the Western Hemisphere. And when the 34 nations of the Hemisphere are finished, all citizens of the Western Hemisphere can salute to the effort put forth by Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. (Americans against Americans)

(PHOTO: American soldiers training for action, the kind of enemy you may find against civilians such as civilians who want to keep their guns and ammo.)

She can also realize that many more citizens of the United States will not praise her efforts in the USA.

Many citizens of America will also despise her “mission” to destroy all guns and ammo in America. And it means that every person in the Hemisphere is now feeling that fear because she now knows how it feels when you are helpless and when you have no security to protect you and your family.

However, Hillary Clinton will be the only help you will get in some places and that could only come from American police or military units in some areas if you speak only English.  Notice that all 34 nations of the Hemisphere will also have ID cards and all 800 million citizens of the Western Hemisphere will also be happy to help you. And I am sure that Clinton would also be pleased for the great help that she has received from the Spanish speaking soldiers.

[THE PLAN] Their help toward wiping out any armed Americans in the New World Order has been finished. Their help in wiping out the Armed American in some cities is clear and that all armed Americans are now clear. The complete list of all American citizens in the Western Hemisphere (USA) is now complete. All GUNS and AMMO are now cleared of all Americans for the Western Hemisphere. ( This operation is still in play and will go ahead toward the seizure of guns and ammo if no peaceful way is available and all Americans don’t change this situation.) [THE PLAN]

This plan could take place soon if (some) persons from Canada, Mexico, and the USA decides to rebel against their nation and not turn in their guns and ammo.

I am sure that many citizens of the USA could also feel the same way and become hostile and parts of these three nations could bring about fighting.

America and the Western Hemisphere. But be careful.

Hillary Clinton has made plans for the search and seize of all guns and ammo in “America”. According to (YES) Hillary Clinton and several units from local and other nations plus police-will coordinate with local forces from the USA. If Clinton becomes President, she will use the military against her own citizens. Yes. She will.

If Trump is president, he will also have to attack his nation too if American citizens attack his nation.

size0-300x198Hostile Americans have plans for defending their neighborhood in some way. However, this will finish in a sad way when Americans must defend our nation against American citizens. This plan is to seize all guns, ammo, and papers from the authorities. This violent mission is to be carried out in the USA and other sites in Canada, Mexico and in the United States of America. Hillary Clinton was part of this operation (practice) several years back and it will be carried out in that way.

It means that Hillary Clinton could possibly attack American citizens and use their weapons against President Clinton. Also, she and foreign soldiers could then use violence against American citizens. Clinton would then have to attack her own citizens.

These are strange days and there are a large amount of guns and ammo floating about the Western Hemisphere and most of that is  from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. These 3 groups will not give up their weapons without a fight.

NOTE: Hillary Clinton or Trump will have to use force on all three nations mentioned above. It could become violent, lasting for a long time.

There is no way out peacefully, but- it could become a peaceful nation with time. Just my guess.



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