Chances and I became lucky and I made the right road.

Ho Chi Minh TrailMy choice was to turn down my first choice, flying in a C-47, gathering info along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. One of the men on the crew decided to stay on the Trail and make more retirement pay flying along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

But on the next flight, it became the last one and they bailed out over the Trail. All of the crew men bailed out. They probably felt quite lucky and thought that they could make it back to South Vietnam.

The crew felt lucky but the crew all had Top Secret Clearance and the enemy worked hard to find them and they did. This crew was unlucky and this crew was destined to never see freedom again. This crew bailed out and was captured and returned to Hanoi, North Vietnam. They were never heard of again.

This group most likely spent a lot of time with the Russians for a good while but this crew remained in prison somewhere out of sight and never heard of them again. I knew his brother down in Florida and he spent a lot of time working with congress and anyone trying to find any clue to this aircraft but no one ever gave any clue to his brother.

But years later the North Vietnamese government announced that some material, guns, etc. was “found” in the area that was downed in the crash site. But all of the crews equipment was together in good condition after many years.  They were likely tortured and never seen again.

The Vietnamese government just said that it was found nearby. But it was most likely decided that the Russians took the men back to Moscow. And our men were never seen again. The American equipment was “found” in good repair, including pistols, after many years later. And it could have easily been me.

almost paradise 024And it shows to me how completely our leaders can have the idea that how much a nation of citizens can follow their leaders if it is a good cause and it is done quickly and finished. But it will easily wear out if it clearly sees through a futile effort and no reason to have a war in the first place. (Bush- crimes against humanity, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan)

But I’m now wondering how in the hell are we going to make our way though these two idiots.

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