Hillary Clinton-integrating 34 Nations of the Western Hemisphere

2009_05_31_SV_250_1_004Hillary Clinton, when she becomes President Clinton, she will continue to finish the last three nations of North America. They are Mexico, Canada and the United States of America. The reason is because these three nations have large numbers of guns and ammunition.

She has refrained from forcing the last three nations of the Western Hemisphere, and that would be forcing Mexico, Canada, and the United States of America. It would must likely cause a war against the Western Hemisphere. And so she didn’t cause some kind of military action against American citizens in some way.

Mapoeaestados_miembros-298x300Clinton, when she was putting together this Hemisphere for President Obama, she refrained from starting military action. So she stopped and declared that there were some problems with these three nations, with ID cards, meaning that this military action could happen and it would start before Hillary could win the Presidency.

When Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, all citizens of the Western Hemisphere will have an ID card. And the last three nations of the Hemisphere will order Hillary Clinton to turn in their gun permits, their guns, and their ammunition.

cedula_002_t352-300x225And the last three nations will have an order for an ID card for everyone in the Western Hemisphere, including all 5 year-old children. These 5 year-old children must carry their card and be able to contact with it. If a card member loses it, you should let someone who can contact an adult for you.

After Hillary wins the office of President of the United States, Clinton will order all citizens to turn in all guns and ammunition, along with any official gun cards.

size0-300x198These orders will be carried out by foreign troops from members of soldiers and others. They will go house to house for anyone on the list. All citizens of the Hemisphere will comply. Those orders will be carried out.

Now. What happens next?



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