If Hillary Clinton wins the Election Your Freedom will be Gone Forever

2small2fail2I can tell that you that your freedom will be lost forever if Hillary Clinton wins the election. I remember a rally for Hillary at a stop at an eastern rally. Clinton finished her speech by declaring that she would confiscate all guns and ammunition. And she finished off the speech by walking back and forth declaring that she would take all guns and ammo by shouting out that she would do just that. The crowd of women and men were loud and they cheered Clinton as she walked back and forth loudly as the crowd cheered her on.

800px-Abuelotriptico-300x225_003Hillary Clinton was tasked by President Obama to integrate the 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere. Her first task was to have all citizens of each nation have an ID card. The ID cards must be carried by all citizens from 5 years old and up. USNORTHCOM is responsible for all citizens of the 34 nations of the hemisphere.

She first ordered the 31 nations to integrate by having Hillary have every person in the Hemisphere an ID card. The goal is to be able to find every person (800,000,000) so that they can be able to find every citizen in the Hemisphere and contact.

200Note that the three nations of Mexico, Canada, and the United States of America were held back. Clinton held these three nations back because they are tasking them. The task will be to order military forces from different nations in the Hemisphere to search all these three nations. Clinton’s final task is to search all homes from subject homes, including all guns, ammunition, and papers dealing with legal gun papers.

adventure-trek-205I was sent to several missions on islands in search of Russians on Illeginni Island. I and 3 other officers, including a search on Gea Island and a mission given to us to tape video Spetsnaz on Illeginni Island. We also set up for a combat mission in the jungle at 8:00 PM, given to us from Ronald Reagan. The mission was called up when the Russians called it off in the rain. (Feb 13, 1987) I have a record for special missions in certain places.

size0-300x198This is still the United States of America but foreign troops will be used to search all subject homes in Mexico, Canada and the United States of America. If you allow these foreign soldiers to order you around and search your homes, you will no longer become an American anymore. Just a coward. A coward with no guns or ammunition. Realize this. This is America and foreign soldiers are on your land, taking your guns and ammo. Now get in your rocker. It gets worse. (Mexicans or Canadian)

NOTE: Hillary Clinton used the “problem” that she was having a difficult time to integrate these last ID cards. These last ID cards for Canada, Mexico and the United States of America were put last since Clinton knew that they would have problems with these last three nations.

If our nation, the United States of America, gives up our guns and ammunition without a fight, you will be given an ID card and you will become that coward. And you must then call in to USNORTHCOM. Are you up to that?

We are talking about Americans, citizens, but no more. You will carry that ID card and call in to let you know that you are now what???

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Are you going to stand up, give up your guns, ammo, and call in to USNORTHCOM. Tell them that you are here. USNORTHCOM.

But without an ID card, (you will not be able to do anything in the New World Order). This will be just the beginning of a global ending of guns and ammo. (I heard this in her threat recently at a rally that all citizens will no longer carry guns globally, eventually.)

But Clinton did say also that in order to maintain order, there will be armed forces and armed police in the New World Order. So this is what is going to keep law and order peaceful in the hemisphere.


But then you become nothing but a coward, waiting for retirement and waiting for USNORTHCOM to call you. And if you miss his call, they can and will dispatch someone to find you and ask why didn’t you call.







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