When all animals on Earth have gone, ……….???

0630pod11-300x190When all animals become extinct on earth by 2050, will humans still become attracted to meat.  Think. NO more food though. Remember this-EXTINCTION. NO MORE FOOD ON EARTH.

(NOTE THIS: People around the world are going to have no food and water in many places-permanently.) [2050]

Could humans like the favorite dish again? Artificial? That could be because all of these animals will be gone. There will be no more real food. Nothing left.

image640003All of these creatures will be gone, period. The question is, what will you do when humans no longer have the food that you no longer had.-And you will never have it ever again.  Think. Six or more billion people but NO FOOD. All of your food supply destroyed forever. NO MEAT.


AND NO FOOD. Artificial. Maybe. Some can of slop maybe.

Attention. All creatures on earth will be gone from here. All creatures on earth will be gone, according to scientists. 2050. NO MORE MEAT. Citizens of earth, you need a plan.

8_20_2010_Pakistan_Refugees_CNA_2Understand though, that the citizens of Earth will have another 2.4 billion more people to support your planet, with no more food left, and with no more animals.

Note: Too many people and not enough meat to save them. There are also too many people for this planet.  So it will not work. People should cut back on their children to make this world work. And that is why it will not work.




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