Atrocities from Islam-A life of Killing for religion.

If you are found with violating any kind of Islamic laws in a nation that carries out these laws, you could find your self in court, with a charge of lashes and carried out by the court.

14075169061961_700-300x168Muhammad was the founder and ruler of Islam in the Middle East around over years ago but his history of Islam is nothing but brutal  torturing and eventually killing their victims. They included all that Muhammad could torture and kill. Killing  bad Muslims and all non- Muslims, especially the Jews, was a favorite torture. See photo to the right. Killing Jews downtown.

Even today Islamic  leaders carry out brutal torture and killing of those who break the rules of Islam. Torture  is common, even today for killing those who go astray. Such behavior by the leaders against Islam are fast to punish any religious crimes against Islam. Jews are often killed on the cross in the downtown area where children are tortured and killed on the cross while children and women are shopping. That is what  the Muslims do for entertainment. Nice religion.

filesThis is what you will see if you continue in America. Islam will push you as far as they can. Torture and killing on the cross is common in Islam. Stoning is also a favorite way of killing those who are guilty of a major crime. All of this is done in public. The bloody man in the photo was just stoned to death with rocks for  adultery.

Religion of Islam is nothing like the Muslims say they are. It is an evil religion. It must be destroyed.

An Islamic court in the Sudan recently charged a woman for apostasy and given the death penalty under Islam. Muhammad had given many such sentences laid down around 630 , just one of many atrocities against innocents. In this particular crime, a Sudanese court sentenced his pregnant wife to death when she refused to recant her Christian faith… (to CNN) May 15, 2014.

The “Khartoum court convicted his wife, Meriam Yehya, 27, of apostasy, the renunciation of faith.” She is a Christian but the court “considers” her a Muslim and will be punished with 1oo lashes. The reason, she can’t be married to a Muslim. It is one of many brutal punishments to those who violate Islamic law. (Women are often lashed with large numbers for penalties in court these days.)

More fun later for with Islam. Islam is nothing but evil. Torture and death is all you will receive  with Islam. Muhammad was a cruel, evil man who loved to cause pain and suffering to victims, especially Jews and Christians.

NOTE: Omar M. Ahmad, founder of CAIR, Council on American- Islamic Relations, stated the end game clearly, as have many others.

‘”Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to dominate. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.” [San Valley Herald, July 4, 1988]

Muslims around the world are in tune to America. They are constantly trying to bring in more Muslims to kill more American citizens and constantly trying to bring in more. Islam has a goal of collecting an Islamic army that can attack America constantly.

The president’s  goal is to keep American citizens safe from Islamic terror, you must have to do better  by rounding up Muslims, jailing others and deporting Muslims or keeping them in prison. Do what ever you must do to destroy Islam in America because the Muslims are certainly doing that to America.

Otherwise, your goal will never get off the ground. You will never win the war against the Islamic terror on America. You must be the executioner to the evil Islamic terrorists. Don’t back down and don’t allow these Muslims  to become your daily dish of terror with mass dead Americans lying in the streets.

Muslims are not here to become Christians, Jews, etc. They are here in America to kill Americans, Jews and Christians. You will never win this war of terror on America doing  nothing. They have a goal and a plan that includes making planet earth an Islamic World. It doesn’t include any other religion.

I promise you, if you continue to let the Muslims sneak in to America and recruit more terrorists, many more American deaths will continue with the current policy.

A NOTE: You must destroy the terrorists in any way and kill the enemy. Destroy them. They are the enemy. This “war” will never be won with this no nothing policy.

FINAL NOTE: Islam is nothing but a huge terror group. If you continue with this no nothing policy for the terrorists but just counting up the bodies, you will never stop the horror.

I guarantee you, America will find your country in desperate times with more casualties and doing nothing. Stand up and destroy the evil. Kill the Islamic evil, kill them, imprison them for life, destroy them when they are captured.

Islam is by definition evil. And you must kill what ever is evil and destroy the evil before it kills America.

Or America will perish from the earth. Islam is on a one way track with a goal to destroy America and replace it with Islam. They have a target that will take it and finally replace it with Islam. And you will see hangings  from the crosses if they succeed.  They feel that it will happen. That is their goal. It will cause a lot of suffering from the effort and many persons will  die by mass murder as they move on for Islam.

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