Between Good and Evil: What will you choose

14075271361961_700-300x190This question is what will you do between  good or evil. Or will you just look the other way. Muslims mostly just watch and carry on as normal. This group just watched, took pictures. Young boys just watched the armed Muslims. A young man nearby looked at another young man whose head had been cut off while others taunted the young men as they took pictures. These photos were cut to small sizes but were cut down to small sizes so the Terrorists/ Muslims could not see the slow killing young men being tortured by Islamic  killers of Muhammad.

Near by, women and children gazed at the killing of boys and men but they ignored the crowd. They just continued their shopping for food and other items. And they took more pictures. Young boys watched the killing of humans for no reason, then walked away.

This is what Muhammad has brought to the world. Terrorists and killers. This is also Islam and it is now a threat to America but our leaders will not do anything to stop it. And our leaders ignore the evil Muslim horde that is crawling toward America.

SaudiBeheading-300x197 islamic-state_635x250_1411449797 a-public-stoning-in-somaliaOur sensors from below are now deleting the size of photos so that the killing of human beings can now longer hear the screams of boys and men being killed for Muhammad. So the photos of terror are now being killed slowly. And the photos from our leaders are now being cut down to very small pictures so that no one in the photo section of our company can no see or no more their cries anymore.

Ray Kania


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