If Hillary Clinton wins, Americans will lose their Guns and their Freedom.

05-21-10-21Folks, Hillary Clinton has already seized all guns and ammo from the citizens of 31 nations in the Western Hemisphere at the order of Clinton. In addition, all citizens of  this Hemisphere have already watched their guns and ammo be seized, then destroyed by the orders of Hillary Clinton.

cedula_002_t352-300x225Barack Obama, early on also ordered Hillary Clinton to have all citizens of this Hemisphere given ID cards to all citizens of the 34 nations of this Hemisphere. Each citizen of this Hemisphere has also been ordered to include an ID card for each child of 5 years old. All children must now know how to communicate to USNORTHCOM if called on. A spy, you know.

Now, Hillary Clinton has also ordered ID cards for all citizens of the Western Hemisphere but Clinton had decided to hold off on giving out ID cards of all citizens of Mexico, Canada, and the United States of America. (They will soon.)

1III1I1214222088All homes that have guns or ammo in their homes must open their homes for searches. Guns in these three targeted nations will be searched for houses in these three nations by troops of other nations.

When that is done, all citizens of these three nations (Canada, Mexico and the United States of America) will give up their guns and ammo. Then all citizens of those three nations must declare their loyalty to the members of the Western Hemisphere. (Hillary Clinton).

Troops of this Hemisphere (USA) must declare their loyalty to the region and retire. Former American soldiers will become citizens without guns or ammo. You will no longer be needed. Hillary Clinton. You will become a retiree.

800px-Abuelotriptico-300x225The goal is to take all former American citizens and retire them. When American, Canadian and Mexican soldiers turn in their guns and ammo, the 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere will be gun free. There will be no guns or ammo. But there will be plenty of armed police and troops, and ID cards, that can be used on every person of the 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere.

And all children with their ID cards can also give information to USNORTHCOM. And they are (trained) in class to use it. All 800 million spies looking over your back, never knowing who could be watching you.

110218cThis goal of having over 800,000,000 ID cards and having all of these schools there to spy on citizens is perfect for the NEW WORLD ORDER. President Obama and Hillary Clinton should receive the praise for bringing fear to little children whenever they go outside.

Folks. This evil project from Hillary, Obama and other likewise creatures, crawling  on their belly like a snake, infecting the children with their global spy machine. Everyone is a criminal. Check them out. They look suspect, call in to USNORTHCOM.

And soon, Evil becomes the truth.




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