The Futile effort to stop Climate Change

idx_photo_carlos-ghosnCancunMeeting1The effort to stop the damaging of our planet and the killing of humans from a rising temperature and a polluted atmosphere is currently a lost cause. The polluters (car dealers, etc.) continue to use our home while our governments are now a member of the government, deciding how much money they are making, while they continue to make fortunes in the White House ( the members of the corporation are-FORD, Cadillac, Whirl Pool, etc.). Bush decided that CEOs could run America.

George W. Bush started this and these members of CEOs in Texas. He wanted the CEOs to run the economy for the U.S. It is now a custom at all meetings to have these CEOs decide what the leaders want for the economy.

Carlos Ghosn and other CEOs around the world are living the good life while our planet moves quickly to a polluted planet where humans suffer and die while civilization is becoming a planet under siege.


That is why our planet will become that trash of polluted water and atmosphere that penetrates and kills.  The citizens suffer over time or in areas as they reach places that can kill. This planet will kill many people and all animals by 2050.  In 2050 Carlos Ghosn  may still live to see his handicraft still building automobiles by the billions and also making more billions of wealth. (It’s only paper, you know.)

And the atmosphere will continue to destroy our atmosphere, as humans have, by accident, and causing the melting of our ice and snow in the north and letting the CO2 and huge amounts of methane in the Arctic to be releasing huge amounts of Methane, adding to the destroying of our atmosphere.

ObamaNOTE: The scientists have already told President Obama that large amounts of Methane and CO2 are now being  released into the air, bringing forth an atmosphere that Obama knows about-and that they have no way to stop the release of Methane and CO2. It just releases it into our atmosphere and the scientists have no way to stop it now.

Methane can now be seen bubbling up from the Arctic Ocean.
Methane can now be seen bubbling up from the Arctic Ocean.

Yes. Our CEOs did have a big part of releasing massive numbers of Methane and CO2 by allowing the ice and snow be released. Now the Arctic Ocean is about to completely have no ice or snow. And it should also have a significant affect on raising the temperature to 6 degrees -that same degree or, causing a jump of maybe more than 6 degrees. We are still not doing anything right. And you should also stop your population right now and have no more people. But you will not do that and so planet earth will become a permanent disaster planet.

YES: (This was already announced a few months back. Yes. It is having an effect on our planet. Yes. There is no way to stop it. About 80,000 years back in time, eruptions almost wiped out all but about 5 percent of all life on earth. Their fate was that this eruption on earth caused a release of huge amounts of heat, releasing a die off of all but 5 percent life for planet earth. (That is us, if you are following along.)

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The humans are now following quickly as did all creatures, trees, animals, etc. and in the process of wiping out all but 5 per cent of life-period. That is, if something else changes. However, there are no scientists at all working on this disaster. We are alone and no one is here to save EARTH. Planet Earth is alone.

All humans on earth should know by now that the top scientists across the world have declared that all creatures, flowers, trees, animals, birds, butterflies, elephants, fish, and everything large and small on earth will be destroyed. We live in a fantasy world in which we can do what ever we wish, but only for a little while before reality lets you know that your world is about to fall apart. This world is about to end your world so get ready. No person will welcome you to this new world order.

That is the reason why our “leaders” will never be considered as the leaders of our nation. We, all of us, will lose the fight to save our planet. It was never a contest at all. And you should also know this.

About two or three years ago, the top scientists gave up their effort to save our planet and devoted more to their adults and children and they still were surprised how quickly that the earth is becoming a barren and trashed planet. It is a failure.

02444457_400The reason: Two or three billion more people will crowd our homes by 2050 to 2099 is the reason. Poisons in the water and the atmosphere. Our earth is now becoming so contaminated that our world is coming to a time when this promised threat will be here, throughout the world.  And our North America will become a disaster. (All of planet earth is on the slide into a disaster zone.)

When the promised drought appears in North America, the last 50 years of life for humans (2050-to 2099) will suffer and die as the animals, creatures, insects, butterflies, trees and all other greenery will no longer appear.

A planet earth now in danger from a planet in stress.
A planet earth now in danger from a planet in stress.

And the promise for the end time.  —-will not be long before 2099. What ever you wish to call it, it will not be the end of all you had hoped for. It means that you have used up all of your resources and made planet earth nothing but a trash bin, an ocean filled with garbage, oil, and anything you wish to make it be—except a beautiful planet. Too many people. The culling process will begin.

And any hope you thought for the world, you can cancel it. Too many people. No one even started to fix it.

NOTE: Readers: This article suffered by three photos that I wanted to use but was denied as well as other wording.





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