Southeast United States: Climate Change to the Year 1999


This article was taken from the SOUTHEAST UNITED STATES: CLIMATE CHANGE to the Year 1999

mexica3The Southeast United States is often hot on summer days and humid also. But the future for the Southeast United States will become much hotter and unmanageable. The longer people stay in the Southeast U.S., they will eventually find that people will have to move to keep there health and even exist. Those who stay there, will find it becoming unbearable for many people. They will die in this region and will be forced to change their home  just to live. There will be many changes in the region.

(The people are moving to areas in Georgia and Florida. Many speak Spanish. There will be problems and shortages when two different groups meet quickly. There is no unity, especially when our whole planet is changing and climate change is causing extreme problems for planet earth. And there is no plan to save our planet earth from our disasters.) [A large part of Mexicans from California and many other areas do not have Spanish as their first language. Spanish is not their first language and they expect to use it some day as their first language.]

MORE  problems to other area :

. Increased illness and death due to greater heat stress, unless effective adaptation measures are implemented.

. Decline in forest growth and agriculture crop production due to the combined effects of thermal stress and declining soil moisture. (Crop failures, especially South Florida with a water shortage problem from too many people.)

. Decline in dissolved oxygen in stream, lakes, and shallow aquatic habitats leading to fish kills and loss of aquatic species diversity. (p.113 pdf.)


“The reduction in cold-related deaths is not expected to offset the increase in heat-related deaths.”

And remember the dry weather in the Southeast has cause big problems with wildfires. ‘The future is for “more frequent and intense wildfires.”


border_dees“The drought in North Georgia in 2007 was exacerbated by a continuing increase of legal and illegal (Mexicans) in the area. An exploding population in the Southeast region over the next few decades, especially Florida, will bring unmanageable problems to the region.

By 2050 Florida will grow from 17,272,595 to 31,750,000 in a state with severe water shortages in the south and a growing problem in Northern sections with population increases. The whole region will suffer. Mexicans will inundate many parts of the region.’

Their loyalty will only be for their language and culture. In fact, they only look toward Mexico and the day that Spanish is the language most used for the continent.


This article was partly published from (12/13/2012.)

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