The End of planet earth

800px-Trafficjamdelhi-300x225The people on planet earth are quickly moving toward the end of  their life. They seem to be in their final journey, and no leader around to keep citizens on a level  keel. Without a wise leader, a planet can easily be torn apart.

The atmosphere is quickly rising to the sky, filling up with the CO2 rising to join the methane in the sky. The sky now appears to be breaking up often as the clouds seem to break apart and I can now see the skies threaten to rain but it often brings  nothing. It no longer fills the sky like it used to, before a heavy drowning of rain.  It just drizzles a little and the clouds simply fade away.

I think that the CO2 and methane may just be now giving us the word that our planet is about to end our role of king on earth. Indeed, it may even become vacant and all creatures and animals of all kinds become extinct. An empty planet trashed and no life left on it, crashed by the selfish inhabitants of humans.

The rain no longer seems to pour down as it often used to do. Yes. And it used to be a nice place to live in. Very sad.


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