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Child1-webPortrait done in colored pencils from National Geographic photo.” Ray Kania is a writer whose work has appeared in a variety of publications, from scholarly journals to the sports pages of newspapers. Included are the Orlando Sentinel and the St. Petersburg Times. Ray is also an artist who works with colored pencils, pencils, and pen and ink. His photos in magazine articles and newspapers were used in a number of publications. A teacher from a Royal Princess classroom for reaching


Kania, a former Vietnamese/Thai-Lao interpreter, was the senior coordinator for National Security Agency intelligence gathering missions along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. During this period, as a personal project, he collected information that would lead to an ethnography of the So people of Northeast Thailand. Included in the study is a phonetic alphabet, the first for this spoken language. The ethnography of the So people of Northeast Thailand has been used in the primary school classrooms of Thailand for studying other groups. (Documentation)

As a coordinator for the NSA in 1972-74, his name was Bee Keeper. Later it was changed to Dancer Coordinator. Just a little history.

As a Marshallese police officer, he was directly involved with operations against Russian (Soviet) special forces units at Kwajalein Atoll in the Republic of the Marshall Islands from 1986-1988. (Documentation)

Lt. Waugh briefs officers before the manhunt begins on Gea Island.Department of the Army: Headquarters, U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands: (5 November 1987): Kwajalein Police Department, USAKA:

1. The undersigned extends this Letter of Appreciation to you for a job well done during the period 1100-1730, 03 NOV 87, at which time you were detailed as an emergency Response Team member, in the search of Gea Island, Republic of the Marshall Islands.

3. You assisted in maintaining the sweep formation in disregard of the heat of the dense jungle undergrowth  on GEA Island, and were diligent in the search for the Subject of the sweep. (I am the man with a white headband on the right.)

As  a licensed private investigator in the early 80s he worked undercover for a NASA contractor.
ColumbiaKania also worked on a contract for the Air Force Space Command at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida and later as a federal officer at Kennedy Space Center, protecting the space shuttle, astronauts and KSC facilities. His job included, on one launch, the task of clearing all buildings and launch equipment, and finally clearing the space shuttle inside of all persons for four hours. Then the astronauts could begin their process of making sure that all procedures are ready to go.

He has written about a number of diverse subjects as a result of his travels and eclectic interests. They include: Southeast Asia (politics, sociology, and language), sports, physical fitness, nature, Pacific Islanders, intelligence gathering, and human interest.

T REX 008fHe has participated in several sports (primarily basketball and soccer) at several levels, from college to a prison league. Along the way he has collected BA degrees in philosophy (1977) and political science(1979) from the University of Central Florida. Among his language skills are a working knowledge or better (speaking, reading and writing) of Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese and Arabic.  (little or no active use for over 20 years.)

Ray spent about 8 months in El Paso, Texas where he learned Vietnamese, decided to run up a nearby mountain, and later got caught running in a desert sandstorm and had to burrow down until it left.

Partial list of credits/clients:

  • Asian Survey, September 1980, Volume XX, Number 9, Explaining Recent Vietnamese Behavior, Lee E. Dutter and Raymond S. Kania.
  • Florida Living
  • St. Petersburg Times, high school sports, North Suncoast.
  • The Asia Mail
  • The Orlando Sentinel (Insight) Tropical Isles Play Lab For U.S. Defense Tests. Oct. 30, 1988.
  • South Pacific’s Paradise Lost: Ebeye Has Become Slum In The Marshall Islands. April 23, 1989.
  • Journal of the Siam Society, January 1979, Volume 67 part 1, Patron, His Majesty the King, The So people of Kusuman, northeastern Thailand, Raymond S. Kania and Siriphan Hatuwong.
  • Vietnam Magazine

Ray Kania’s TheLastGringo.com is archived in the University of Texas, San Antonio in the Immigration/Borderlands Web Collection. It contains well-documented articles on the uncontrolled immigration across the U.S. southern border.

Ray has been a member of the Eastern Florida State College Foundation since 2002 and a sponsor of the annual  EFSC Foundation (Melbourne Campus) Student Art Exhibit at the King Center for the Performing Arts. He provides scholarships for best of show in two dimensional and three dimensional categories.

Image_004Ray Kania was the First Place Male Image in international competition, 2005. He was also placed in the 2005 calendar. Ray was the model for the winning image in the SEPPA, Southeastern  Professional Photographers of America contest, international competition.  He was the First Place winner in male image, illustrative category, and Best of Show. The image was also on the 2005 SEPPA calendar and at the Imaging Asia convention in South Korea.

I came into the world alone. And I left it a little better. At least I hope it will. Ray Kania

(There are .pdf files for computer viewing and .epub files for eBook readers or tablets.)

Almost Paradise“Almost Paradise” $2.50
On February 13, 1987, I stood in the warm sun on a tiny, nearly deserted island, some 2,000 miles southwest of Honolulu. Next to the bed in my trailer were the remains of two damaged Peacekeeper MX (unarmed) nuclear warheads. And just hours later, two reinforcements arrived by chopper with the news that a Russian recon security team (Spetsnaz) was coming ashore that night.
This journal was kept from 1986-88 when the Soviet Union was on the verge of collapse but their presence at Kwajalein was intense, requiring critical decisions at the highest level of our government.

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Climate Change“CLIMATE CHANGE: How To Find A Safe Haven” $2.00
CLIMATE CHANGE includes a brief history of how corporations in 1999 persuaded the United Nations to support the building of regional trading regions and trade agreements between nations, creating a global system of governance based on those trade agreements, appointed institutions, and international regulations.
That’s why no one in elected office will do anything about climate change. Corporations are officially meeting with elected government officials from various nations and “advising” them on how to build and run these regions. So the decision was to pursue “growing the economy” and attack climate change when they have the time and money.

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Edgar's Studebaker“Edgar’s Studebaker — And Other Memorable Stories” $2.00
A look at the serious and not so serious events in life, from “The Last Can Opener” to “Smiley”, the images are from real people, places, and events.
Also included here are SIAM stories, a look at life in Nakhorn Phanom (NKP), Thailand during the Vietnam War. NKP is next to the Mekong River in Northeast Thailand and the Thai Air Force Base is a few minutes drive west of the town. Just across the river is Laos and in the dry season you could walk over to the other side, illegally. The stories in SIAM include my experiences after forgetting to bring a passport when returning from the United States and meeting the Queen of That Phanom on a bus traveling across the Khorat Plateau. Includes meeting the famous Gecko with video. This is also a chance to become more knowledgeable about SIAM.

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FL HistoryGERONIMO LIVE! And Other Florida Stories $2.00
GERONIMO LIVE covers the overlooked, sometimes unusual history of the Sunshine State. The articles feature photos (in most articles) and information for visitors where applicable. Stories include “Florida’s Communist Tree,” “The Barefoot (Sometimes Naked) Mailmen of Southeast Florida,” and “Black Point: NASA’s Wild Kingdom.”

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Grants ChapelGrants Chapel Alley $2.00
Grants Chapel Alley is based on true events. Good days were when life was merely unpleasant. The tiny houses that were behind Grants Chapel Alley were modeled after slave cabins. This was life in Macon, Georgia in 1950.
These cabins were built with tin roofs and no inner walls or ceilings, even in the winter. The rent for each “home” was $6.00 a month and owned by a realty company. Included were a couple of light bulbs, a gas stove on the rear porch and a cold faucet. And there was an outhouse for each home. A regular commode was put in later by the realtors and placed in the middle of each bedroom with a white curtain around for privacy.
There were no chances for advancing in the local commerce, since all good jobs were off limits to Black men and women in general. Education in the public schools and college were off limits to those of “color”.

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KapmucheaKampuchea, Year Zero $1.00
Kampuchea is my interview of a young Cambodian girl who survived nearly 4 years of Pol Pot, communist leader of the Khmer Rouge.

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Seniors' CornerSeniors’ Corner: For a Better Life $2.00
After decades of overdoing it, pushing beyond my limits and stumbling full speed ahead through hazards of all kinds, I’ve finally decided to reign in my competitive nature and take a more measured pace through the rest of life. The body parts just don’t heal anymore. Therefore I’ve decided to put together a collection of good advice for men and those women who also have that competitive gene in their makeup and won’t be satisfied with just winning but making it a route. It’s time to slow down and smell the liniment. There are other problems that will demand your time.
FOR A BETTER LIFE has 21 articles that will benefit those who are moving into the next classification, senior citizen. It means maintaining a healthy lifestyle, dealing with those who prey on the older generation and doing things you’ve never done before. It also means a healthy, inquisitive mind as well as a healthy body, developing friendships as you grow older so you won’t become lonely, and helping those in need. And leave a legacy that will inspire others and you will have done well, my friend.

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Presidential CrimesWhen Presidents Turn On America $2.50
George H.W. Bush was the first president to declare that he was in the process of integrating the Americas that would be set up as a trading region. The first effort was the FTAA, the Free Trade Area of the Americas but some of the nations decided to not join the FTAA in Miami in 2005.
In addition, governance would be under United Nations laws that would be enforced on all member states of the Americas. For the United States there would no longer be a First Amendment or a Second Amendment. For starters, the United Nations would, once enacted, cover all member states of the world based on UN laws.
George W. Bush tried to pass such an (UN) agreement during his terms but it failed.
The FTAA “government” would be based on a trade agreement that governs the daily life of the 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere. Everything would be set up by corporate CEOs and economic activity would be maintained through governing agencies of the regional areas.

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