Almost Paradise

Tracking Russians and nuclear warheads in my bedroom: Two years on an Atoll.

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Almost Paradise“Almost Paradise” $2.50
On February 13, 1987, I stood in the warm sun on a tiny, nearly deserted island, some 2,000 miles southwest of Honolulu. Next to the bed in my trailer were the remains of two damaged Peacekeeper MX (unarmed) nuclear warheads. And just hours later, two reinforcements arrived by chopper with the news that a Russian recon security team (Spetsnaz) was coming ashore that night.
This journal was kept from 1986-88 when the Soviet Union was on the verge of collapse but their presence at Kwajalein was intense, requiring critical decisions at the highest level of our government.THIS BOOK IS THE BEST VALUE YOU CAN FIND ANYWHERE: PAGE AFTER PAGE OF SHARP COLOR PHOTOS WILL ILLUSTRATE “ALMOST PARADISE”. THE CHAPTERS ARE PACKED WITH INFORMATION ABOUT THE NATIVES, THE AMERICANS AND THE RUSSIAN SPIES THAT ARE EVER PRESENT. ON PAGE 19 YOU WILL SEE (video) OVER TWO MINUTES OF DEEP COLOR IN THE FIRST HYDROGEN BOMB UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. $1.99. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. RAY KANIA. THE AUTHOR.(February 13, 1987) U.S. National Security Agency intelligence gathering ship monitoring a Russian intelligence ship off of Kwajalein Atoll recorded plans to send a Russian Spetsnaz team ashore on Illeginni Island on the west reef. President Reagan sent 4 armed American contractors to set up undercover with a night vision video camera. The Russians were to look for remains of three unarmed nuclear warheads that had impacted on this target island.The Americans were ordered to just monitor their activities. We were not to initiate a firefight. I was one of the team members.For a visit to a strange and unique world, this is where Star Wars mixes with constableislanders using ancient methods to catch fish, where islanders can bring down birds with coral rocks with the accuracy of a guided missile. Photos are included.

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