New Citizens of earth move quickly but with no knowledge of their destiny.

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I can no longer write any articles from me since you people, whoever you are, taking my articles and changing about 70 percent  of my words and 2 or more photos from this article and declared me finished.
And I can no allow someone else write my articles.

So I will no longer work at my on place and have it destroy my work.

You people are despicable.

Ray Kania. I will no longer be a fool when you are working for some company doing it with allowing someone else to write my words.

You have taking my words and destroying my words. I will no longer work from my own site,

I am no longer any more working here since I found that unknown agents are now in charge of all 4 of my articles.








“When I grew up, I learned early on that the merchants of the world rule and will eventually, like a cancer, destroy all that they see. And the CEOs of our economic system are truly based on ‘the ones who dies with the most, wins.”

As you can see, people all over the earth want to enjoy the good life but only to their good life and bring with them the evils of Islam and 2 billion more evil Muslims.

Instead of being a new citizen, they become a threat to our lives and a destruction to our nation. Islam is a threat to America and their “religion”, is beyond despicable.

As you can see from Muslims that they want Islam to rule the world and they bring with them all of the despicable things that Muhammad  brought to America and the other countries that bring with them. Muslims only want for Islam to rule the world and all religions to be destroyed. This photo is how Islam below shows how Islam deals with other religions normally.

This photo was made smaller so the picture could not show how clear Islam treats other people. In this photo, the photo was cut down so others could not reveal how evil Islam treats others.

This photo revealed the facts that the armed Muslims were killing these young GAY men slowly. Women and children were watching the young Muslims being killed slowly. Women and children watched them being killed slowly.   Americans, and young boys were taking photos of gay men being killed slowly in the center of the shopping center. These photos were cut down in these small sizes so we could not see close to them.

(I have the photos but they were cut down so people could not see the horror of young men being tortured. However, the citizens did see the tortured men and they would not let them be shown here.) Their heads were cut off and other parts were also damaged.

Note that (young Gay men are tortured) and that the Gay men are hung on the back of trucks and hung.

Hang 'Em High
Crimes against young men are often ordered to be hanged because they happen to be Gay men. And in the government of IRAN, gay young boys and men are often hanged and tortured because they are GAY. Note that men and women in Islam are both  buried in deep holes after the stoning. Not exactly that good time old religion.  Note that Islam is clearly in favor of torturing all Muslims. In fact Muslims are in favor of all kinds of torture. The more the  better. And they say that the more the torture, the better is Islam.






So Islam is on a goal to bring Islam to the New World. And soon you may someday see citizens cutting heads off and their in-trails being splattered all across the downtown of the city. Perhaps in New York.


















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