Once again- Citizens of earth will do nothing to save planet earth.

Crabs move along the small islands, Quitly.
A creature of the islands, it moves slowly along the shores.

Even though the experts of animals and creatures are there, no one has continued to pay any attention on, and ignored, the threat to all creatures on planet earth. These creatures, both tiny and huge, continue their world, while no one pays any attention to the animals. They simple exist, without knowing that all creatures on earth are about to become extinct.

Slowly but eventually, all life on planet earth will become victims of a world of the masters of planet earth. It will become a world of humans. A world destroying without a plan. You can see its damage below the water, on the shores, in the waters. And, finally, you will become a victim of the air or the ocean.

Until there is nothing left, until it is no more. And when its finally over and there is no more planet. No one will see you anymore. And now, it appears, no one will finally see you at all.








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