Deep South

Surviving the Blues in Old Dixie

“Grants Chapel Alley” is now available as an ebook which can be downloaded directly from this site as either an epub or pdf file by using the buttons to the right of the description.

Grants ChapelGrants Chapel Alley $2.00
Grants Chapel Alley is based on true events. Good days were when life was merely unpleasant. The tiny houses that were behind Grants Chapel Alley were modeled after slave cabins. This was life in Macon, Georgia in 1950.
These cabins were built with tin roofs and no inner walls or ceilings, even in the winter. The rent for each “home” was $6.00 a month and owned by a realty company. Included were a couple of light bulbs, a gas stove on the rear porch and a cold faucet. And there was an outhouse for each home. A regular commode was put in later by the realtors and placed in the middle of each bedroom with a white curtain around for privacy.
There were no chances for advancing in the local commerce, since all good jobs were off limits to Black men and women in general. Education in the public schools and college were off limits to those of “color”.

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