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For a better life

“Seniors’ Corner: For a Better Life” is now available as an ebook in an epub or pdf file as a direct download by using the buttons by the description.

Seniors' CornerSeniors’ Corner: For a Better Life $2.00
After decades of overdoing it, pushing beyond my limits and stumbling full speed ahead through hazards of all kinds, I’ve finally decided to reign in my competitive nature and take a more measured pace through the rest of life. The body parts just don’t heal anymore. Therefore I’ve decided to put together a collection of good advice for men and those women who also have that competitive gene in their makeup and won’t be satisfied with just winning but making it a route. It’s time to slow down and smell the liniment. There are other problems that will demand your time.
FOR A BETTER LIFE has 21 articles that will benefit those who are moving into the next classification, senior citizen. It means maintaining a healthy lifestyle, dealing with those who prey on the older generation and doing things you’ve never done before. It also means a healthy, inquisitive mind as well as a healthy body, developing friendships as you grow older so you won’t become lonely, and helping those in need. And leave a legacy that will inspire others and you will have done well, my friend.

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