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   1.  New Citizens of earth move quickly but with no knowledge of their destiny.
   2.  Once again- Citizens of earth will do nothing to save planet earth.
   3.  Southeast United States: Climate Change to the Year 1999
   4.  CLIMATE CHANGE: Humans will Face pressure to save the Earth and Humanity.
   5.  The End of planet earth
   6.  Mark Coker-The man who stole millions from two small writers.
   7.  Between Good and Evil: What will you choose
   8.  Atrocities from Islam-A life of Killing for religion.
   9.  My goal was to help stop Hillary Clinton from a world of Evil
   10.  If Hillary Clinton wins, Americans will lose their Guns and their Freedom.
   11.  The Futile effort to stop Climate Change
   12.  Hillary Clinton could be the only person to stop all guns and Ammo in America now.
   13.  Chances and I became lucky and I made the right road.
   14.  If Hillary Clinton wins the Election Your Freedom will be Gone Forever
   16.  Hillary Clinton-integrating 34 Nations of the Western Hemisphere
   17.  When all animals on Earth have gone, ……….???
   18.  Clearly all creatures will become extinct by 2050: Humans are next.
   19.  Muslims: The Terror Among Us
   20.  The Earth will be closing in on Human Extinction by 2099
   21.  The New World Order
   22.  Donald Rumsfeld was correct when he said that Bush was guilty of 9/11
   23.  Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld-Crimes against Humanity
   24.  A welcome for the many visitors in our Music Room
   25.  Why the Indians failed to conquer the Western Hemisphere
   26.  Our World: Now threatened by melting Ice and Methane-with no answer
   27.  Methane can eventually put an end to all human activities on Earth
   28.  The Mellow Moods of Paul Hardcastle
   30.  By the time this is all done-The U.S. will no longer have sovereignty
   31.  Hillary Clinton has been in charge of over 800 million people
   32.  Hillary Clinton does intend to destroy all Guns and Ammo.
   33.  A Pleasant Way to Dine in your Home.
   34.  The Earth is quickly falling apart and humans are the reason
   35.  An unofficial check of choice for keeping guns or destroying guns
   36.  THE VOTE: Chose (A) If you want to keep your guns and ammo.
   37.  VOTE: (B) Destroy all guns and ammunition
   38.  VOTE: (A) for Guns and Ammo.
   39.  Humans spent the last 2,000 years trashing Planet Earth. So far, too late now.
   41.  Gringrich wants all Muslims Checked for Sharia Law: No Sharia allowed in the U.S.
   42.  As I predicted, the First Amendment would not be the last one from Obama
   43.  When Ronald Reagan told us to go on this mission. I had no choice.
   44.  The New World Order of the Americas will now be finished by 2019
   45.  NOTICE: The United States will not protect you from Islamic Terror either.
   46.  Obama’s Justice brings long prison. Hillary takes away Guns and Ammo
   47.  When the Barbarians Came to Town
   48.  The USA: Soon to be a North American Community
   49.  My Time: When Bush and Muslims wanted my articles deleted.
   50.  Hillary Clinton: Completing the Western Hemisphere
   52.  The man who stole my Books-Mark Coker- and made millions.
   53.  One Day in the NEW WORLD ORDER
   54.  Hillary Clinton : All Guns and Ammunition Will End throughout the Americas
   55.  Planet Earth Beyond Repair
   56.  Donald Trump says that we should Have more Guns for Protection.
   57.  The New World Order will destroy you
   58.  Hillary Clinton to finish All ID cards then Confiscation of all Guns and Ammo.
   59.  Hillary Clinton opening up North America: Trump still playing the Fool.
   61.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? What Have You Wrought?
   62.  Any Human can know clearly now that the End time for Earth is here.
   63.  What will you do when they come for your guns?
   64.  USNORTHCOM: Will You Accept Your BIOMETRIC ID?
   65.  Hillary Clinton: Why Did You Destroy America?
   66.  PLANET EARTH: When the Earth runs out of everything.
   67.  Eventually All Humans will have an ID Card for the World
   68.  The Crimes of Bush and Cheney Live On
   69.  Chronicles: ISLAMIC Crimes against Humanity.
   70.  Chronicles: The Last Extinctions of Earth
   71.  ONCE AGAIN: Donald Trump will not build a wall between Mexico and the U.S.
   72.  America: This is all you need to know
   73.  NEW WORLD ORDER: Global Governance-Hillary Clinton and Others are making it now
   74.  Hillary Clinton: Up to her neck integrating the world and destroying America
   75.  US-EU INTEGRATION: Economic/Political. END OF U.S.
   76.  These articles are my effort for the NEW WORLD ORDER
   80.  The Earth, Out of Resources. Yet the Muslims still threaten Religion
   81.  Scientists have Projected the End of the Natural World at 50 Years.
   82.  European Citizens Now Regret The Islamic Onslaught of Europe
   83.  Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld; Their Crimes
   84.  Donald Trump will not Close the Border with Mexico
   85.  This Group of Info will show you how the NEW WORLD ORDER WORKS
   86.  While the Earth rolls toward its Destiny
   87.  NSA: Flying Low on The Ho Chi Minh Trail
   88.  George Bush and Me
   89.  Sharia: The Muslim New World Order
   90.  Killing Christians, Jews, etc.
   91.  Islamic State Stones Woman to Death for Adultery
   93.  Videos of Regular Victims of Islam. Beautiful.
   94.  A White Man can understand how Black People feel.
   95.  Obama: Tell Us Again How Peaceful These Muslims Are.
   96.  OBAMA: Tell Us Again About the Peaceful Muslims
   97.  Think: Muslims Are Spreading Islam Around The World By Force
   98.  More Art From Ray Kania
   99.  MAXWELL C. KING CENTER for the Performing Arts
   100.  The Final Days: Changes are on the Move Now
   101.  Keeping Islamic Terrorists out of America
   102.  The Choice Now is between Good and Evil-Which will You Choose?
   103.  Ray Kania facebook: A Family of Musicians
   104.  PARIS: ISLAM: What Part Of EVIL Don’t You Understand?
   106.  How I Cured my Deafness in 4 weeks
   107.  Muslims in Hamtramck now a majority of City Council
   108.  The Permian Mass Extinction-Will Humans Follow Soon?
   109.  When President Bush asked Google to delete articles I wrote about him
   110.  Special Ops on the Marshall Islands -1987
   111.  The Sixth Extinction of Earth is Being Counted Now
   112.  Trump says George Bush responsible for 9/11
   113.  Drought, Forest Fires, Melting Ice, Nothing But Bad News for Earth
   114.  Muhammad: A Threat to America and the World
   115.  CLIMATE CHANGE: 2016 could be the Sixth and final Extinction of Earth
   116.  Scientists-Moving toward an End?
   117.  Humans failed to manage planet Earth compared to Non-Humans
   118.  Muhammad: Killing and Looting for Allah
   119.  Why Women are treated Horribly by Islam
   120.  The President of the United States Should not be a Muslim
   121.  The Arctic Ocean will launch Earth’s Sixth Extinction-Soon
   122.  Planet Earth: Your Time Is Up.
   123.  THE REAL STORY OF 9/11
   125.  A Megadrought: WHAT NOW?
   126.  2.5 Billion More Vehicles on Earth: Can you Say CO2?
   127.  Obama Lied, Stumbled, before a crowd about Integration of North America
   128.  USNORTHCOM: Staring Down the Barrel of the New World Order
   129.  THE NEW WORLD ORDER: Where is your ID?
   130.  Planet Earth: Now on the Down Side
   131.  Flight MH370: A Case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome
   132.  ATTENTION Trump: You can’t build a wall. The Borders are Being Torn Down.
   133.  HEY TRUMP: Mexico agreed to Integrate with the U.S. in 2005
   134.  3. Islam Must Rule the World
   135.  Number 2: ISLAM Must Rule the World
   136.  ISLAM Must Rule the World
   137.  Bush Guilty: Evidence Reveals President Responsible for Almost 3,000 Murders.
   138.  Instrumentals You May Recall
   139.  Corporate CEOs and the United Nations are setting up a New World Order
   140.  When a President invades to make history
   141.  President Obama Decided to Work Toward Opening the Borders with Mexico and Canada in 2010/2011
   142.  The Pope is right and so are the Thoughtful Thinkers of Earth. But the CEOS and Rulers always Win.
   143.  When The Day That Freedom of Speech Ends-So does Freedom
   144.  Car Songs
   145.  Obama continues to open borders with Mexico and Canada. End of America.
   146.  IF
   147.  When Your President Is The Terrorist
   148.  NORTH AMERICA: Trilateral Police, Trilateral Intelligence, Trilateral Military
   149.  Megadrought on the Way: With 500 million people by 2050, The End Game?
   150.  The Last Gringo is Back
   151.  As You Slept, Judgement Day Has Arrived
   152.  The Day Fat Boys Ran Out Of Pork
   153.  An 80% Chance of a U.S. Megadrought is likely between 2050-2099
   154.  North America: Includes Canadian and Mexican military armed Forces
   155.  A Family of Musicians from Macon
   156.  Rockin’ Soul
   157.  Kill Them All-And Then We Can Go Home
   158.  Rock of Ages
   160.  Honor Killing in Islam
   161.  1970s Country Hits
   163.  Bill Gates hires cheap labor from India and fires Americans.
   164.  Republican and Democrat Presidents are Both working to Open the Borders with Mexico
   166.  A Report on my First Manhunt in the Jungle
   167.  Salsa
   168.  Drink Milk First , Avoid Cramps Always
   169.  Country Classics
   170.  World Leaders: Progress toward the New World Order
   171.  Al-Qaeda and ISIS-Walking in the Steps of Muhammad
   172.  When the President is the Enemy of America
   173.  The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS)-Islamic Law for the World
   174.  Bush, Obama, Clinton and CEOs of North America Welcome Mexicans, etc.
   175.  2050: Shortages of Meat Causes Dogs and Cats to become Extinct
   176.  We Now have with Accuracy the End of the Natural World
   177.  Democrats and Republicans Work to End the United States
   178.  Climate Change: Greenhouse Gases are Increasing – Judgement Day Grows Closer
   179.  More Atrocites from Islam but No One Condemns the Religion of Death
   182.  RK: A New Recipe to Boost your Energy with only 5% Fat and Low Calories
   183.  Malaysia Pilot(s), a Case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome?
   184.  Richard Fortune: The End of Days.
   185.  Earth: The Planetary Emergency-Corporate Greed Decides to End It All.
   186.  Florida’s Nature Coast-The Wild Kingdom
   187.  Detroit Muslims want Sharia Patrols – See What Evil Sharia Brings to America
   188.  NO SHELTER: Planet Earth-Too Late to Save
   190.  America: A Polyglot Nation with Hostility and Violence for All
   191.  Corporate Governance: Death March of a Planet
   192.  Biggest Texas Gator ate Cattle before his Demise in 2011
   193.  The Last Protest Song
   194.  Obama’s Justice Rep. reveals “inflammatory” speech toward Islam could violate civil rights
   195.  The Best of Classic Rock
   196.  Why President Obama wants you to speak Spanish.
   197.  Islam: The Face of Evil
   198.  Muhammad: The word not mentioned in polite company
   199.  Obama: Building the Complete Police State
   200.  Vietnam: Songs from the War Years
   201.  Earth’s Fate: Let it happen
   202.  Can Openers: America strikes back
   203.  Obama pushes dirty Oil and TPP, a Mega Trade Agreement adding to Climate Change
   204.  The Great Plains: Less water, more heat. Can citizens adapt?
   205.  The New World Order: A controlled society in the Americas ready for launch by 2015?
   206.  Multiculturalism: Too late to save America and the Nations of Europe?
   207.  Choices and Consequences
   208.  Alaska: The place to be in 2050?
   209.  Wealthy nations rush to grab third world land for coming food shortage
   211.  Following the corporate elite to our final collapse
   212.  Meet Jr. Johnny
   213.  The opposition missing the target: Obama’s North American Perimeter is the Trojan Horse
   214.  REAL ID for U.S. by 2015
   215.  The Population explosion continues unstoppable toward 2050
   216.  Coal is predicted to rival oil next 5 years. CO2 levels to rise and a billion more vehicles by 2050
   217.  Southeast United States: Climate Change to the Year 2099
   218.  Headbanger: The Price I paid
   219.  Southwest United States: Climate change to the year 2099
   220.  Obama: Mass Amnesty Now. 120 million Mexicans to follow, with lower wages.
   221.  Northeast United States: Future Climate Change to the year 2099
   222.  Planet Earth: Rushing to our Destiny
   223.  Forget Prosperity: Survival is the only goal for Americans
   224.  Elizabeth (From Dixie on my mind)
   225.  The Election Winner: Corporations
   226.  The Truth about Islam: A correction of recent CNN articles on “Peaceful” Islam by Muslim writers
   227.  2007 Study indicated continued warming and droughts for U.S.: Meanwhile Governments dally while Global Catastrophe draws near
   228.  American Doctors:Their Crimes against American Citizens
   229.  Presidential Election: Both Candidates–Same Destination
   230.  America’s Massive Population Explosion: Let the Chaos begin.
   231.  9/11 Testimony reveals Policy of ignoring Osama bin Laden
   232.  Climate Change is here: The New Normal
   233.  North American Summit 2012: North American Integration, End of the First Amendment, Coming soon
   234.  Despite the recent drop in Oil prices, the Future is less Oil, more Demand, higher Prices
   235.  Need a Job but your government only helps corporations? Try Overseas.
   236.  American Workers: No citizenship, no Jobs in the New World Order
   237.  Water Shortages will bring instability after 10 years
   238.  A power meal for your workouts
   239.  Obama’s North American Community: First, the President must grant amnesty to 12 million Illegals
   240.  Think safety first when your grandchildren come to visit.
   241.  Puerto Ricans initiating Ethnic Cleansing in Orlando?
   242.  Volunteer your Time in Service to the Community
   243.  Seniors: Things to do before that Foreign Vacation
   244.  Videos Reveal Mexican Goal: Make the United States a Spanish-speaking Region governed by Latinos (Mexicans)
   245.  If Islam Rules the Earth
   246.  Bush and Company: High Crimes
   247.  Paint it Black
   248.  Islam targets America
   249.  Snow in Miami and I lost 14 pounds in three hours
   250.  The Road to Ruin goes through Washington
   251.  The Rider on a Pale Horse
   252.  Ma Barker’s Last Stand?
   253.  Drug Dealers working for Cartels arrested across Florida
   254.  Finding Food: Survival Tips for those rare times
   255.  Obama and all Candidates for President will support open Borders
   256.  Running through the Withlacoochee
   257.  2012: Oil to set record price per barrel?
   258.  The Playground War
   259.  Global Governance moves forward
   260.  American Casualties rise as our Southern Border remains undefended
   261.  The Last Can Opener
   262.  The United Nations set up Corporations to run the World
   263.  I’ll take a bribe. So will you.
   264.  Obama’s Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas: Civil Registration/ID Card for Every Person
   265.  Edgar’s Studebaker
   266.  Corporate Crime thrives in America
   267.  Pathways to Prosperity, Miami and the Army of the South
   268.  Time to give up driving?
   269.  News from the World of Illegal Aliens
   270.  Obama, Congress pass Trade Agreements for CEOs: More American Jobs lost forever
   271.  The Goat Man Cometh
   272.  Running with Weights: Good or Bad?
   273.  Protests against Corporate Greed and Criminal Behavior but CEOs continue running North America
   274.  CNN’s Encounter with “anti-Latino Racism”: My Response
   275.  Working on the CBS miniseries SPACE
   276.  Free Speech, Free Press: Not in Mexico
   277.  America 2040: Beyond the perfect Storm
   278.  SIAM: Buses, Planes, Communist Clocks, Etc.
   279.  Obama announces One Common Perimeter for North America W/O Congressional Legislation
   280.  God and the Tupelo Tent Meeting
   281.  Obama defies American People: Authorizes Defacto Amnesty
   282.  Free Trade Agreements harmful to People
   283.  Are You ready for the Long Emergency?
   284.  When your leg cramps up
   285.  Another American Muslim soldier attempts jihad at Ft. Hood: Ban all Muslims from the U.S. Military?
   286.  On the Front Lines of the Invasion
   287.  CNN Reports on Oslo Killings but leaves out Inconvenient Facts
   288.  The Tiny Tomboy Grown Old
   289.  America’s Population is Exploding: What next?
   290.  Americans must watch for contaminated food and drugs from suspect nations.
   291.  Watching as America withers away
   292.  European Union Forbids Free Speech: Next Up, America
   293.  Fixing the U.S. Debt and Deficit
   294.  The Great Tasaday Cave Dweller Hoax?
   295.  Seniors: A computer is your open door to the world
   296.  The Last Tet
   297.  George W. Bush: Waiting for Pearl Harbor
   298.  If you feel pain, stop
   299.  The Final Days: When Corporations ruled the Earth
   300.  Wikileaks: U.S. Embassy cable reveals conspiracy to integrate North America
   301.  Reconquistas: You white boys are gonna die
   302.  Aqua Aerobics for Everyone
   303.  Avoiding Scams
   304.  Deathbed Confession
   305.  Osama bin Laden dead: The never-ending war continues
   306.  Crime prevention Tips when shopping
   307.  The view from the top
   308.  Smoking cigarettes: You lose
   309.  Enzymes: Vital for good health
   310.  Muhammad: The religion of death
   311.  Exercising your brain and your body
   312.  Self-diagnosis of your illness on the internet?
   313.  That deadly rearview mirror
   314.  Global Governance: The end of our nation and free speech
   315.  SIAM: The Bus to NKP: Ride at your own risk
   316.  SIAM: Lighting candles on the river
   317.  Hawg Valley
   318.  Islam and Muhammad: Evil that no one can defend
   319.  SIAM: Final Exam
   320.  SIAM: The Queen
   321.  Obama Announces New Border for America: Does anybody care?
   322.  Wacahoota: Florida signs and what they mean
   323.  Twilight’s Last Gleaming
   324.  Rolling Thunder
   325.  America: Its last day as a sovereign nation
   326.  Florida’s Prehistoric Rock Quarries
   327.  About Ray Kania
   328.  Ambush at Wahoo Swamp
   329.  Into the Zone of Silence
   330.  Smiley 1956, The Day Smiley Departed Earth
   331.  Islam is Evil: The Evidence confirms it
   332.  Koreshan Unity: Living inside the World in South Florida
   333.  Former Muslim and Member of Hamas says Islam is Evil
   334.  Geronimo, Live at Fort Pickens
   335.  The Barefoot (Sometimes Naked) Mailmen of Southeast Florida
   336.  George Bush: Waterboarding- “I’d do it again.”
   337.  Fort Christmas
   338.  Florida’s Communist Tree
   339.  Blackpoint: NASA’S wild kingdom

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